Saturday, February 25, 2017

Grizzlies Go Green

Basketball Season 2016-2017
Colton & his Grizzlies (5th Grade)
New uniforms for the Colton and his crew. 
Don't they look awesome?!

The 5th grade Grizzlies are playing in the Bantam League. This league is generally for school teams, within a school boundary (unlike some of the top competitive teams that pick the best players from across the valley). I'm not sure if there wasn't enough interest at this level to field a 5th grade division, because there are a couple non-school teams, and we have to play the same teams twice. LOVE that all the games are so close to home, though (once at WJ, all others at CHHS). We didn't have any official practices (hard to find a gym) but had a few at a church throughout the season. 

I keep a playlist of Colton's games, but as it showcases ALL his games,  I'll include a list of just this season there as well. 

Good Job Grizzlies!

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