Thursday, February 24, 2011

Superleague 2010-2011

Superleague Utes
This is Callahan's second year playing on the Ute's Superleague team. We lost three players from last year, and gained a couple new ones (Cody and Hunter, both of whom Callahan has played with on the Gene Fullmer leagues).

Game One: At Franklin Covey (9:00)
Utes vs Salt Lake Metro
December 8, 2010
47-43 (Win)
What a great way to start the season! Callahan got things going with a three-pointer was on fire with several great shots. I was so glad Dad was there to see it. It was a challenging but fun game, we won by three points. This was the first game I shot video of, and I kept the camera on Callahan and didn't get everyone's baskets in. There were a lot of great shots from other team members I missed capturing on camera, but I'll try to get them all from here on out!

Game Two: Bennion (7:00)
Utes vs Runnin' Miners
December 15, 2010
48-26 (Win)
This was a "messy" game ... so many fouls! Hunter fouled out. But it was a fairly easy win. Good thing I wasn't focusing JUST on Callahan and his shots ... or this would have been a short video!

Game Three: Bennion (6:00)
Utes vs Olyminators
January 5, 2011
27-28 (Loss)
Our first loss. We were ahead the entire game, until the last few seconds. They made a three to put them up by one. This same team did this last year too (won by a three pointer in the final seconds). I definitely think we could have easily won, there were a lot of missed shots. Hopefully we'll get another rematch.

Game Four: Bennion (9:00)
Utes vs Riverton Heat
January 12, 2011
51-48 (Win)
I'm beginning to think all the games at Bennion are foul heavy ... maybe it's the refs? This game was neck and neck the entire time. Tied at the half, the other team was ahead as the third quarter ended. Tons of foul shots in the final minute of the game. Bo Hunter had his best game yet. We won by three points. It was Chase's birthday, U cookies given afterwards.

Game Five: West High (8:00)
Utes vs Park City Miners
January 19, 2011
48-22 (Win)
Thanks to Stockton's family for letting Callahan and I hitch a ride. This was a small gym ... a bit claustrophobic, not a lot of seating (or good spots to video from). The opposing team had a female coach AND a couple of girls on the team. They kept it even for the first few minutes, then our team pulled ahead for a pretty easy win. Everyone on the team scored points in this game *Ü*

Game Six: Bennion Jr. High (9:00)
Utes vs SL Basketball
January 26, 2011
44-29 (Win)
Back to Bennion (which is nice and close so I'm not complaining!). Our team pulled ahead early and kept the lead the entire time. We were missing Hunter (home sick) today ... Just a note, there are some shots missing from today's video :( I had turned the camera off for a moment when the other team got the ball, and didn't get it turned back on quickly enough as Cody stole the ball and made a basket. Then, the memory on the camera was full, and while I was frantically deleting some old video to make room, I know Bo (Hunter) made another basket and Cody made a couple more at the free throw line. At least this does prep me for next week when we have a double header ... I'll have a backup memory card (and maybe a backup camera too!)

Game Seven: Bennion Jr. High (7:00) February 02, 2011
Utes vs Sonics
53-26 (Win)
This was a fun game ... TWO three pointers by Callahan, a crazy behind the back shot by Bo, CHASEing layups, and a long open pass to Michael were just a few of the more memorable baskets.

Game Eight: Bennion Jr. High (8:00) February 2, 2011
Utes vs Stallions
44-22 (Win)
The second of a double header ... do back to back games provide an advantage or disadvantage? On one hand, the kids are tired from just playing a game ... on the other hand, they're all warmed up! While we had looked at this second game with a bit of trepidation (the other team had only lost one game, and they had two HUGE players!) but it was a pretty easy win. A bit of frustration with the 3-second calls (or lack thereof). I was impressed with the sportsmanship of the other team, as they would often extend a hand to help up one of our boys after a foul. There were quite a few fouls, the other team was in the penalty, giving us some extra free throws.

Game Nine: Granite Park Jr. (6:00)
Utes vs SS Wildcats
February 9, 2011
51-42 (Win)
We'd heard a little about this team before heading into the game ... they were small, but fast. They liked to press. Our boys worked on breaking a press in practice and they need to put those skills to the test. It was a very challenging and fast moving game. Our team pulled ahead from the start and kept the lead for the entire game for the win. We did have a LOT of turnovers though! Everyone on the team scored today. We were missing Stockton this game. Clay and Courtney and the kids came to cheer Callahan on. Dad was there too!

Utes vs Pump-n-Run
Game Ten: Franklin Covey (8:00)
February 16, 2011
40-24 (Win)
Wild weather this day ... wind blew in quite a snowstorm! Our team had to change their jerseys to the white side for the first time (the opposing team was also red). This was Michael's game, with 14 points (one of his baskets is missing from the footage, camera issues!) The other team tied it up the first quarter, but then our boys pulled ahead and kept the lead for the rest of the game for the win.


Utes vs SLBB (Hoops)
Tournament Game 1: Franklin Covey (9:00)
February 23, 2011
40-24 (Win)
Entering the single elimination tournament ... this was the team we played in Game 6. Callahan got in FOUR three pointers (ok ... one didn't count) ... if you watch, you'll see him shake the "magic eight ball" before his free throw in the final portion of the game (an inside joke at practice). We were missing Cody out with an injury.

Monday, February 21, 2011

AAU President's Day Tournament

So another team approached Callahan and asked if he would join them for an AAU tournament over President's Day weekend ... so he did. He got in one scrimmage and one practice and then it was tournament time. We hadn't had any AAU experience to this point. The other teams did seem to be Superleague quality ... our boys going in weren't quite up to the challenge and lost all three games. It's not all bad to have to learn to deal with loss and continue to be a good sport when you are NOT the winning team. Callahan had to leave the third game early, but here are the videos of the first two games. Yes ... they were losses ... but I just feature the highlights in MY videos *Ü*

Game 1 (7:00)
February 18, 2011
West Jordan High School

Game 1 (2:00)
February 19, 2011
West Jordan High School

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Church Ball 2011

Callahan LOVES basketball ... in our ward, the young men's basketball program is mainly for the Teachers and Priests, although Deacons CAN play. Of course, with Callahan's late birthday (in Feb) there wasn't much basketball season left for him once he did finally turn 12. Callahan is completely dwarfed by all the older boys! It was fun to be able to watch both Landon and Callahan play together ... the Blackham Brothers! I made it to two games ... here's the muvees ...

February 5, 2011

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