Friday, February 17, 2012

Church Ball 2012

Last year, Callahan didn't turn 12 until February, but he still played some churchball because he simply could NOT wait. This year, he is officially on the team with the other deacons and teachers in the Jordan Oaks 1st ward. There are only two other teams ... 3rd/4th wards combined, and 5th ward. So they are only playing the same two teams over and over, but depending on who shows up, the games can really change from week to week.

*Game 1 (January14) 1 v 3/4 (just a scrimmage)
Game 2 (Feb 3) 1 v 5 (Win ... but no video)
Game 3 (Feb 3) 1 v 3/4 (Loss ... Callahan had to leave early for practice)
*Game 4 (Feb 4) 1 v 3/4 (Win ... Callahan STAYED this time)
*Game 5 (Feb 10) 1 v 5 (Win)
Game 6 (Feb 16) 1 v 5 (Win ... Callahan had to leave early for practice)

Next up ... Region ...

I'll take the video from the two incomplete games I have and post it here when it's done ...

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