Thursday, May 15, 2014

Callahan - Spring Fling

Callahan's team played in the State AAU tournament ... I guess I never got around to posting about that. For Spring, the high school coaches divided the kids into two teams.  Callahan was with Ben, Austin, Parker, Casey and Rowland, Jared and Mason (who he hadn't played with in a while ... it was great to have the gang back together!)

Following the Winter Superleague, District League and Idaho Tournament tradition ... the boys made it all the way to the championships and then came in 2nd. So close!  I missed the first three games of this Spring Season (they were in Davis County and we had scheduling conflicts) but I made the rest and got video highlights ...

Game 1. Copper Hills vs Rams
Game 2. Copper Hills vs UBC
Game 3. Copper Hills vs Jordan

Playoffs Game 1. Copper Hills vs Gluts
Playoffs Game 2. Copper Hills vs UBC
Playoffs Game 3. Copper Hills vs Skyline
Championship Game ... Copper Hills vs Elevate

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Keaton - Spring

The team Keaton had played with for Fall and Winter went their separate ways in Spring. He still wanted to play, so I signed him up at Gene Fullmer Rec. We ended up on the team with Zach Norman (who he had played with last year, and who is actually his 3rd cousin or something ... my mom and Zach's grandpa are cousins).  Being recreational (not competitive) basketball, it's not quite as hard core. I have one video from the season so far (here). 

Keaton also got the opportunity to play in the Spring Fling with the West Hills 8th grade team (they just had seven players and thought they might need any extra). He did really well, got quite a bit of playing time and did well.  Keaton hasn't cared too much about highlight videos (not enough to go through clips for me, which I do ask the boys to do) so I didn't get too much footage this season ... here's a quick video of some of the highlights (WestHillsSpringFling2014).