Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Ball (Callahan's Crew)

A new season begins ... and there are changes to the team. We lost Mason and Tyler (as they are now 9th graders), but also Mason and Rowland ... we miss them! Three new players, Brighton, Haydon and Luis (I'll try to update with a good team picture when I can). Here are the games, in chronological order ...

September 17, 2011
Game #1
Win (40-27)
First game with the new team, and first game in the new 7th/8th season (so the tall 9th graders from Summer had to move on, leveling the playing field). It was an easy win.

September 24, 2011
Game #2
Win (51-28)
This was against the team that won us by ONE in summer. Callahan's was looking forward to the rematch against his buddy Ben. This time it was an easy win, Callahan was on FIRE!

October 1, 2011
Game #3
Win (46-42)
Late game ... 8:00 in the evening. Callahan hates having to wait all day for his basketball :) This was a good team. They beat us badly in the summer season. We got the win today. Our team started off strong, it was 10-3 after the first couple of minutes, but then the other team went on a run and finished the first quarter ahead! Our boys did manage to regain the lead.

October 8, 2011
Game #4
Win (44-10)
Callahan woke up in a lot of pain, his shoulder, then his neck. Rest, heat and some medication, and he was ready to play at 4:00, although he wasn't 100%. Luckily it was an easy win.

October 15, 2011
Game #5
Win (40-23)
This team was playing before us last week, so we got to watch some of that game and see what we would be up against ... but I didn't recognize one kid from last week to this week. But it was still an easy win for our boys. Hmmm ... we had the entire team, I should have taken a picture!

October 22, 2011
Game #6
Win (73-20)
This was a mismatched game, not only did the other team not quite have the skill level, but they didn't have enough players either. There were only four there to start, so Brighton played on their team until a fifth member showed up (and he scored for their team, a three pointer). I think our boys DID try to hold back some ... really ... with Hayden getting in a buzzer beater at the end, everyone scored.

October 29, 2011
Game #7
Win (55-22)
The opposing team was coached by Steve (Keaton's coach) and has several kids Callahan has played with before (Camden, Trevor, Anthony, Max ... who IS on Keaton's team). We were missing Brighton.

November 5, 2011
Game 8
Loss (52-43)
The final game ... I've mentioned we've missed Mason and Rowland since they left the team, and that was never more true than today when we had to play AGAINST them. Our team got the lead and held it to the fourth quarter then ... Mason came alive hitting SO many three pointers. 33 points in the fourth quarter (this compared to their 19 points in the first three quarters combined)! Our boys played great but just couldn't match the fire and had their first defeat.

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