Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Keaton - 8th Grade Year

I know they took team pictures ... I'll have to track it down. I missed the end of the year banquet, but I did make it to almost all of Keaton's games. There were quite a few new kids, I was learning names at the start, but got to know all the boys by the end of the season. 

On this team ... James, Rowland, Tyler and Koby (all whom Keaton had played with before) then there was Bradley, Nathan, Brenner and Dawson.  Brian Allfrey was coach. They played in two leagues. A Wednesday superleague, and then the Bantam league on Saturdays. 

While I videoed all the games, I didn't make highlight reels of all the games. It just takes time to go through all the clips (Keaton isn't inclined to help out here), make the muvee, etc. Any losses ... well, they just aren't nearly as fun to relive, even though often there are still great highlights! I didn't even get to all the wins ... but there are six games of fun highlights to watch and remember this season.