Monday, February 21, 2011

AAU President's Day Tournament

So another team approached Callahan and asked if he would join them for an AAU tournament over President's Day weekend ... so he did. He got in one scrimmage and one practice and then it was tournament time. We hadn't had any AAU experience to this point. The other teams did seem to be Superleague quality ... our boys going in weren't quite up to the challenge and lost all three games. It's not all bad to have to learn to deal with loss and continue to be a good sport when you are NOT the winning team. Callahan had to leave the third game early, but here are the videos of the first two games. Yes ... they were losses ... but I just feature the highlights in MY videos *Ü*

Game 1 (7:00)
February 18, 2011
West Jordan High School

Game 1 (2:00)
February 19, 2011
West Jordan High School

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