Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gene Fullmer Summer Season - Callahan

Summer season, Gene Fullmer combined with Taylorsville (as they have in past years) ... although Taylorsville wasn't on board as the season started, but came in later. This team was much the same as the Superleague team ... missing Mason (playing on a different rec team), Stockton and Luis. CJ and Hunter were additions to the team. I don't think we ever had EVERYONE there, so I never got an official team picture.

We thought this season would be similar to Spring, pretty easy except for Mason's team ... it was actually more competitive than anticipated! While the boys won their first seven games (including Mason's team this season) they did have to work at it. Callahan almost didn't make the last game, as he'd been at scout camp for the week. Even with him there, they weren't able to get that win (Jared was out with a hurt heel). Crosby, a former teammate of Callahan was on the other team. So once again, it was a 7-1 season. I made one video this season ( game #5), you can see it HERE

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keaton - Gene Fullmer Summer 2012

Several players are taking the summer off, so we got several new boys on the team, including Keaton's friend True from school (he adds some much needed height to the team) ... I am jogging the track again, but the first game, Callahan and Keaton had back to back games at 10:00 and 11:00 and I didn't really feel like jogging for TWO hours, so I jogged during Callahan's game and took video of Keaton.

  • Game 1:  Win. See video highlights HERE
  • Game 2: Loss (to Steve's team)
  • Game 3: Loss
  • Game 4: Win. At Taylorsville. Keaton's game was at 12:00, Callahan's at 1:00, at different locations, so I had to leave early. Keaton made a couple great shots and they were leading at the end of the first quarter. With a minute left, Keaton's team was up by two, and then he made a three pointer to seal the game ... sorry I missed that!
  • Game 5: Loss (Brian's team)
  • Game 6: Win (by forfeit) ... the other team didn't show. Keaton wasn't at this game either as he was just getting home from scout camp.
  • Game 7: Win ... the other team was almost all GIRLS. Video HERE
  • Game 8: Win