Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Season

As summer was approaching, Callahan and Keaton definitely wanted to continue to play, but their CHHS teams were both taking a break for the summer season. I asked Callahan's old coach if he was planning on playing (rec ball was fine for Callahan's comeback). He really hadn't been, but he said that he would. We got a couple of Callahan's buddies to come join, and I ended up putting Keaton on the team too (he was playing up, a 6th grader in the 7th/8th league).  He wasn't the only 6th grader, nor the smallest ... although he was definitely the smallest on THIS team! One kid was in 7th, but all the rest were 8th graders. We were bigger and better than most of the teams out there and it was a pretty easy season. But it was perfect for Callahan to get back in the game, and Keaton really wasn't out of place playing up. It was a lot of fun watching the boys play together.  They had an undefeated season.  I didn't get any video, as I was busy jogging the track during their games. I probably should have taken one day off and made a muvee, but I'm sure there are many more games in the future.