Saturday, January 1, 2011

Basketball Backlog

Basketball through the years ... I thought it would be fun to go back and find all the team photos from when Callahan first started playing. It seems like he's been playing FOREVER, but I THINK the first time he played was Jr. Jazz in the 2006-2007 season ...Here are some of the photos I found, starting and updating with the most recent ...

Gene Fullmer Fall 2010

Coach: Klint Koontz

Jared, Cody, Parker, Joey, Rowland

Stockton, Mason, CALLAHAN, Tanner, Brenden

1st Place!

Gene Fullmer Summer 2010

Coach: Klint Koontz

Stockton, Brendan, Joey, Cody, Parker, Jared

Tanner, Callahan, Mason, Tristan

1st Place!

Gene Fullmer Spring 2010

Coach: Klint Koontz

Callahan, Mason, Stockton, Tristan, Tanner

Parker, Rowland, Jared, Brendan, Cody

3rd place out of 9 teams

2009-2010 Superleague (5th Grade)

Coach: Reggie Jewkes

Tristan, Callahan, Michael, Daniel, Brian

Hunter, Crosby, Josh, Chase, Stockton

(2nd place out of eleven teams)

2009-2010 Jr. Jazz Upper Division Comp (5th Grade)

Coach: Amber Hackwell

Anthony, Hunter, Parker, Stockton, Nate

Casey, Cole, Callahan, Kaden, Tristen

(2nd place out of four teams)

Gene Fullmer Fall League 2009 (5th/6th)

Coach: Amber Hackwell

Henry, Stockton, Anthony, Gage, Hunter

Altimar, Tristan, Drake, Callahan (Tyler not pictured)

(there were 10 teams this season, combined with Taylorsville, I don't think we knew our exact placement, but it wasn't in the top few. This was the first season moving up into the 5th/6th grade league, coming in with our continued team, we were all 4th/5th graders ... Callahan missed two games for our trip to Disneyland).

Gene Fullmer Summer League 2009 (3rd/4th)

Coach: Amber Hackwell

Callahan, Stockton, Tyler, Jared, Anthony

Kaden, Gage, Nate, Tristan, Zach

(1st Place! 3rd place heading into the playoff, we beat the 2nd place team and moved up the championships, and then managed to beat the first place team, the boys were estatic!)

Gene Fullmer Spring 2009 (3rd/4th)

Braxton, Anthony, Jared, Nate, Stockton

Tristan, Tyler, Gage, Callahan, Kaden

(This was a great season, eight teams, most pretty evenly matched. We came in 2nd)

Jr. Jazz 2008-2009 (4th Grade)

Anthony, Nate, Braxton, Stockton, Callahan

Tristan, Tyler, (?) Kaden, Zach

(Good season ... played out at Sunset Ridge Junior High ... lost one, tied one, won the rest, but of course with Jr. Jazz there are so many teams that we didn't play against everyone. There were a couple really tough teams out there that we never came up against).

Gene Fullmer Fall 2008 (3rd/4th)

Braxton, Kaden, Zach, Stockton, Tristan

Zac, Tyler, Max, Anthony, Callahan, Ethan

(4th place out of six ... Introduction of Amber as our coach ... she had taken over some of the coaching duties last season when the coach was late or couldn't be there, then decided to step up so that the kids could stay together as a team ... we ended up staying together for 5 more seasons! Amber was a great coach, always on time to games and practices, making sure the kids had FUN in addition to being competitive. Thanks Amber, for all you did for the team!)

Gene Fullmer Summer 2008 (3rd/4th)

Braxton, Mac, Max, Issac, Anthony, Lake

Stockton, Callahan, Tyler, Ethan

Gene Fullmer Spring 2008

(Can't remember the top row ...)

Jared, Nate, Sinai, Jacob, Callahan

Jr. Jazz 2007-2008 (3rd Grade)

Jr. Jazz 2006-2007 (2nd Grade)

I'm sure there was actually a complete team, but only half were there for the team photo!

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