Sunday, February 5, 2012

Callahan - Junior Jazz 2012 (7th)

Rowland, Brian, Stephan, Hunter, Joey
Troy, Cole, Nate, Callahan, Mason
Coach: Brian Allfrey

After the schedules came out, Callahan was a bit bummed he wasn't playing in the 7th grade league, because he had friends on almost every team. Callahan had played with Brian's team a couple of times in tournaments, and they had an open spot on the team. As the games didn't conflict with any of his other games, Callahan went ahead and signed up. Not that the team needed him ... they demolished every team they came across ...

Game 1 Win 51-34 (v Branden, Sam, Austin)
Game 2 Win 62-25 (v Blake)
Game 3 Win 51-21 (v Carson)
Game 4 Win 61-27
Game 5 Win (no video)
Game 6 Win 71-26 (v Jacob, Mr.Wright)
Game 7 Win (57-20)
Game 8 Win (81 points)

** Video for game 7 and 8 may be coming,
gotta get around to finishing them up

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