Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keaton Fall 2013

Keaton is on a new team with several of his West Hills buddies, and a few Sunset Ridge players as well. They are a short team ... Keaton is one of the taller players!  They are playing in the Salt Lake Superleague on Wednesday nights, and and the Dimple Dell Superleague on Saturdays as well.  There is probably NOT video highlights for losing games ... Keaton doesn't care about clips if they don't win, so I usually won't invest the time (even though the boys often did great, so many of the games were so close!) ** Games with video highlights are in all caps.

Salt Lake County Superleague
  • GAME 1. CH7 vs Utah Warriors (Loss) 23-45
  • GAME 2. CH7 vs PF Flyers (Win) 46-37
  • GAME 3. CH7 vs Murray Hoops (Win) 34-29
  • Game 4. CH7 vs Timpanogos (Loss) 42-43
  • Game 5. CH7 vs Utah Warriors (Loss) 17-60
  • Game 6. CH7 vs PF Flyers (Loss 30-51)
  • Game 7. CH7 vs A-Train (Loss 27-57)
Dimple Dell Superleague
  • GAME 1. CH7 vs Legends 6 (Loss) 37-45
  • GAME 2. CH7 vs Cavemen (Win) 42-38
  • Game 3. CH7 vs Leverage6th (Keaton missed this game ... Loss 49-50)
  • Game 4. CH7 vs Lone Peak (Loss) 39-41
  • Game 5. CH7 vs Leverage (Loss 38-55)

Callahan Fall 2013

It was one year ago that Callahan missed out on the Fall season(s) with a broken foot. Now, as a 9th grader, there aren't quite as many options. There is a Thursday night league (Salt Lake Superleague), so he is playing in that. There are so many talented 9th graders, that they are spread out over four different teams. Two are all West Hills 9th graders. One is a few 9th graders from Sunset along with some 10th graders, and then a couple of Callahan's friends are on another team as well. 

  • Game 1. CH9 vs A-Train Black. Win (30-28) September 19, 2013
  • Game 2. CH9 vs A-Train White. Win (48-41) September 26, 2013
  • Game 3. CH9 vs Olympus Titans. Loss (27-66) September 26, 2013
  • Game 4. CH9 vs CH9  ( Loss 36-40) October 3, 2013
  • Game 5. CH9 vs West Jordan (Win 40-31) October 10, 2013
  • Game 6. CH9 vs CH9/10 (Loss) October 24, 2013
  • Game 7. CH9 vs Pump N Run  (Win 27-34) November 7, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cooper & Crew

A couple years ago Cooper played Junior Jazz and he did great! Last year, he didn't want to play and he took the season off. As I was looking toward the Fall season, I thought I'd sign him up for the rec league at Gene Fullmer. He'd be at the top of the division (3rd/4th) and I figured it would be a good transition back into basketball. I didn't ask Cooper before I signed him up, as I knew he would say no. I hoped after a good game experience, he'd acclimate. When I first told him (a couple hours before the first practice) he was SO upset with me. He finally calmed down and went to practice but still said he did NOT want to play. I told him I needed him to play one game, then we would make a decision. If he really wanted to drop out, I would let him.

He played the first game and enjoyed it.
  • Game 1 (September 21) WIN
  • Game 2 (September 28 ) WIN ... four points
  • Game 3 (October 5) WIN ... six points
  • Game 4 (October 12) WIN ... four points
  • Game 5 (October 26) WIN ... four points
  • Game 6 (November 2) WIN ... 15 points
  • Game 7 (November 9) Win ... 14 points
  • Game 8 (November 16) Loss (dang it! *Ü*)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Basketball Begins Again ...

School is back in session and basketball begins again! Hopefully Callahan will be able to stay unbroken this year! There are three Copper Hills teams playing in the Salt Lake County Rec league. Callahan's crew had their first game last night. It's a 9th/10th league ... we're not sure how many of the teams are sophomores. They may be a bit of an underdog in this league, but they actually got the win in game 1 (see it HERE). 

Keaton will have his first game next week ... he's with some new kids (they are a small team), 7th graders playing in a 7th/8th league on Wednesday nights.

I signed Cooper up for basketball too ... much to his chagrin. He is NOT happy with me! We'll have to see how it goes.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Season

As summer was approaching, Callahan and Keaton definitely wanted to continue to play, but their CHHS teams were both taking a break for the summer season. I asked Callahan's old coach if he was planning on playing (rec ball was fine for Callahan's comeback). He really hadn't been, but he said that he would. We got a couple of Callahan's buddies to come join, and I ended up putting Keaton on the team too (he was playing up, a 6th grader in the 7th/8th league).  He wasn't the only 6th grader, nor the smallest ... although he was definitely the smallest on THIS team! One kid was in 7th, but all the rest were 8th graders. We were bigger and better than most of the teams out there and it was a pretty easy season. But it was perfect for Callahan to get back in the game, and Keaton really wasn't out of place playing up. It was a lot of fun watching the boys play together.  They had an undefeated season.  I didn't get any video, as I was busy jogging the track during their games. I probably should have taken one day off and made a muvee, but I'm sure there are many more games in the future.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Catching Up with Callahan

Well ... Callahan's basketball season was MUCH different than we'd expected with the TWO breaks. It wasn't until April that he got the go ahead to play again. His team had played in the AAU State Tournament, the AAU Spring Fling and in the Dimple Dell Spring league. Callahan did get in a couple of games at the very end of the Dimple Dell season. 

We signed Callahan up for the University of Utah Basketball Tournament June 13-15. They played several games and just had a ton of fun hanging out together all day. Then there was the CHHS camp (June 17-20) and he really enjoyed that too. A bunch of the boys went to a tournament in St. George at the end of June, but Callahan had youth conference that same time and had already committed to that.

Callahan is planning on buying a summer pass to the local rec center and spending many days there during the summer getting back into the game!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Catching Up With Keaton

After Winter Season, the team (part of it anyway) entered the State AAU tournament. Missing some players and facing some harder teams, they were eliminated early. The boys (with our players returning, plus a couple others) then played in the Spring Season at Dimple Dell. They only lost one game during the regular season, and ended up taking first place!

New T-shirts for the Champs!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Colton - Junior Jazz

Colton loved his Junior Jazz season. His buddies Bradley and Randon were on the team (Randon's dad was the coach). They got trounced many a game, but he always had fun. The final game was a run-away win for our team, and a great game for Colton. I'm glad I had my video camera there!

Colton loves watching his video over and over!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

YouTube Favorites

I thought I'd keep a collection of favorite YouTube basketball videos (non-Blackham ones)

Kid Snippets "Basketball Class" - I have sweaty!
Two Year Old Trick Shots - Very Cute!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ooops He Did It Again

... I can NOT believe it! He did it again. A broken foot. A Jones Fracture! It's his left foot this time, and it was during a basketball game this time. So much for the rest of Winter and the Spring season :(

Friday, January 18, 2013

ChurchBall 2013

Time for CHURCH ball! The Jordan Oaks 1st ward does seem to have a lot of basketball playing boys, with the Blackhams providing three. We are the only ward that was able to actually field both a priests team and a teachers/deacons team. All the other wards are combined with ALL the young men, and still often multiple wards combined as well. So our older group, being ALL priests, does dominate. Our younger group has it tough, as they don't have any older boys, yet do have to play against priests on other teams. 

Landon's Videos

Callahan and Keaton
Game 1 January 4, 2013
Game 2 January 17, 2013
Game 3 January 19, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Winter Basketball Callahan

Callahan's first points back after the break ... for THREE

Callahan's team is playing in two leagues. The Salt Lake Superleague and the Utah County Bantam League ... with Keaton's games conflicting on Wednesday nights, and the Utah County games being ... in Utah County, I haven't been able to make it to many, so there aren't a lot of videos yet. Callahan isn't quite getting the playing time (or the plays) that he wants, it's a bit of a slow recovery (he had some new pain in his foot as he hit the floor again). The team has had their share of wins, and their losses and still been quite close,  (with the exception of the Lehi game). The losses aren't quite as fun to make highlights of, but they do still have some good shots!



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Basketball Keaton

Fall ends, and the Winter season starts! The boys are playing in the Salt Lake Superleage, in the 6th grade upper division on Wednesday nights. On Saturdays, they are playing in the AAU High School Prep League.

AAU (Click on Game# for video links)  ** 2nd place in the league
Game 1 Copper Hills 6A vs Olympus (Win 42-36)
Game 2 Copper Hills 6A vs Richfield (Win 39-8)
Game 3 CopperHills 6A vs Bountiful (Win 39-18)
Game 4 CopperHills 6A vs Bountiful Red (Win 43-32)
Game 5 Copper Hills 6A vs Taylorsville (Win 50-29)
Game 6 Copper Hills 6A vs Bingham (Loss 22-49)
Game 7 Copper Hills 6A vs Juan Diego (Win 58-30)

Game 8 Copper Hills 6A vs Bountiful Red (Win 39-33)
Game 9 Copper Hills 6A vs Bingham (Loss 30-45)

SuperLeague  ** 2nd in the league
( I wasn't able to make it to all these games ... highlights on 1, 3, 8, 10)
Game 1 CH6A vs Eagles (Win 46-2) *
Game 2 CH6A vs Olympus (Loss 27-43)
Game 3 CH6A vs AlphaDogs (Win 39-26) *
Game 4 CH6A vs Eagles (Win 52-18)
Game 5 CH6A vs Pump N Run (Loss 51-21)
Game 6 CH6A vs Stealth (Loss 36-28)
Game 7 CH6A vs Pump N Run (Loss 61-30)
Game 8 CH6A vs Lehi (Win 33-30) *
Game 9 CH6A vs Alpha Dogs (Win 32-28)
Game 10 CH6A vs Stealth (Win 36-34)

Game 1 CH6A vs Eagles (Win 46-18)
Game 2 CH6A vs Olympus (Win 31-19)\
Game 3 CH6A vs Pump N Run (Loss 75-40)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Break in Basketball

Well, as active as Callahan is, it was probably inevitable that we'd have to deal with injury. The actual break was due to a trampoline, but it created quite a break in Callahan's basketball. As the Summer season ended, there were FIVE WHOLE WEEKS between that end, and the start of Fall. This was the longest Callahan had gone without a game in years!  Then, just a week or so before the first Fall game, Callahan broke his foot. It was the bottom of the foot, just under the pinky toe. The doctor said it could be considered a Jones Fracture, which unfortunately is a very slow healing break. And sure enough, it was SLOW. Callahan was in a walking boot for 10 weeks, and then still had to refrain from any running/jumping for another 4-5 weeks. So the break in September, put him out for the rest of 2012. We finally got the go ahead to return (slowly), so he's getting back into it (about halfway through the Winter season).