Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Break in Basketball

Well, as active as Callahan is, it was probably inevitable that we'd have to deal with injury. The actual break was due to a trampoline, but it created quite a break in Callahan's basketball. As the Summer season ended, there were FIVE WHOLE WEEKS between that end, and the start of Fall. This was the longest Callahan had gone without a game in years!  Then, just a week or so before the first Fall game, Callahan broke his foot. It was the bottom of the foot, just under the pinky toe. The doctor said it could be considered a Jones Fracture, which unfortunately is a very slow healing break. And sure enough, it was SLOW. Callahan was in a walking boot for 10 weeks, and then still had to refrain from any running/jumping for another 4-5 weeks. So the break in September, put him out for the rest of 2012. We finally got the go ahead to return (slowly), so he's getting back into it (about halfway through the Winter season).

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