Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hoop Highlights (Keaton's Crew) Fall

Gene Fullmer Fall Basketball - 5ht/6th league.
Braxton, Garret, Max, Colton, Mason, Hunter, Eric, Keaton, Tanner, Jonathon

Game #1
September 17, 2011
WIN (51-18)
An easy win ... fun way to start the season :)

Game #2
September 25, 2011
LOSS (28-62)
This was against Reggie and Michael (Callahan's Superleague coach and teammate). We were missing Garrett, who we could have used, as we got beat pretty easily.

Game #3
October 1, 2011
WIN (51-24)
Another easy win.

Game #4
October 8, 2011
WIN (32-24)
The opposing team had a lot of people we knew on it. Keaton's school buddies Tony and Tru. Jacob from Spring season. Drake, a former teammate of Callahan. Tristan, the younger brother of one of Callahan's former teammates. Our team pulled ahead to start, then the other team caught up, keeping it close. Keaton had a really good game!

Game #5
October 15, 2011
I don't have a video or know the exact score, because Keaton was gone for this game (I thought about still going and taping it, but didn't have someone to watch Cooper). This was against a good team we had played in summer. They creamed us pretty good last season, but this loss was only by four, the kids kept it close! If Keaton and Garrett had been there ... who knows?

Game #6
October 22, 2011
Loss (30-22)
Not only were we missing several team members (Garrett, Max and Tanner) but Coach Steve was also gone. Colton's dad stepped in to direct the boys. We knew this was a good team, so we were expecting a difficult game. Our boys actually got the lead and kept it until right before the half, when the other team did a full court press, catching our kids off guard. They pulled ahead then and we just couldn't quite catch back up.

Game #7
November 5
Win (47-15)
Easy win (too easy) ... and that was even without Garrett for much of the game (he had to leave halfway).

Game #8
November 12, 2011
Win (44-29)
Final game of the season ... this one had actually been scheduled for a couple of weeks ago, but was postponed due to scheduling conflicts. The boys really seemed to be having fun. Lots of passing, sharing the ball and teamwork. Garret took a hard hit to the nose that sidelined him for a few minutes. We were missing Hunter.

Great season boys!

I took all of the "Keaton" clips from the various videos above, and compiled them into one little muvee ... Keaton'sKlips ...

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