Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Colton - Fall 2015

Tayden, Tyrone, Tyler
Daxton, AJ, Austin, Colton, Freeman

Fall Basketball ... after the summer season, Colton's coach and some of the kids were moving up to the 5th/6th grade level. They invited Colton to come play with them, but I was a little concerned about them going against a team of all 6th graders (I remember Callahan's crew completely dominating that league one season). At the high school, there were the tryouts for the Bantam leagues, but there just wasn't much interest in the 3rd or 4th grade level. With both grades combined they couldn't even put together a team. After spreading the word and adding a couple more kids, there were eight players, and three dad coaches. There was some debate about whether to try a superleague, but as it was the first time the boys were playing together, it was decided to join the Gene Fullmer 3rd/4th rec league. Practices were Tuesday nights. Cooper often came and shot around some, and I jogged the track while I waited.

We almost wished we had gone the superleague route, as the boys won every game with ease. At times the coach had to get creative in ways to hold the boys back (no dribbling-only passing, defense only with the legs-no arms). The final game was against a good team that definitely provided a challenge though. It was very close the entire second half, and then we won ... by one. Whew! Undefeated!

I made two videos ... the first of the first few games (there were four, but Colton missed one, so it's really only clips from three games), and then the final three games. The first four games were played at Gene Fullmer, but they switched the kids back to a half-court (instead of the full court like during the summer). The final games were played at Taylorsville Rec and SoJoMiddle School ... those were all 8:00 games. So much for my Saturday sleep in.