Sunday, November 27, 2011

AAU Thanksgiving Tournament

The team that Callahan played in the final game of the Fall season was trying their hand at the AAU Thanksgiving Tournament. A couple members of their team had other plans over the holiday weekend, so Callahan was asked if he would like to fill in. Would he? Oh yes! While Callahan would probably jump at any offer to play, he was excited to be able to rejoin former teammates Mason, Rowland, Cole and Hunter ...

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Callahan has tried two AAU tournaments before, and the teams lost ALL of their games. They broke that streak this time, winning two out of three. There was a bit of a scheduling snafu (name confusion), so instead of playing one of the teams we were supposed to play (Next Level) we played West Jordan (the team who won the other pool and went onto the championship game). It wasn't a fair competition for us (we couldn't advance to the championships even if we had won the second game), but it was still fun.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Ball (Callahan's Crew)

A new season begins ... and there are changes to the team. We lost Mason and Tyler (as they are now 9th graders), but also Mason and Rowland ... we miss them! Three new players, Brighton, Haydon and Luis (I'll try to update with a good team picture when I can). Here are the games, in chronological order ...

September 17, 2011
Game #1
Win (40-27)
First game with the new team, and first game in the new 7th/8th season (so the tall 9th graders from Summer had to move on, leveling the playing field). It was an easy win.

September 24, 2011
Game #2
Win (51-28)
This was against the team that won us by ONE in summer. Callahan's was looking forward to the rematch against his buddy Ben. This time it was an easy win, Callahan was on FIRE!

October 1, 2011
Game #3
Win (46-42)
Late game ... 8:00 in the evening. Callahan hates having to wait all day for his basketball :) This was a good team. They beat us badly in the summer season. We got the win today. Our team started off strong, it was 10-3 after the first couple of minutes, but then the other team went on a run and finished the first quarter ahead! Our boys did manage to regain the lead.

October 8, 2011
Game #4
Win (44-10)
Callahan woke up in a lot of pain, his shoulder, then his neck. Rest, heat and some medication, and he was ready to play at 4:00, although he wasn't 100%. Luckily it was an easy win.

October 15, 2011
Game #5
Win (40-23)
This team was playing before us last week, so we got to watch some of that game and see what we would be up against ... but I didn't recognize one kid from last week to this week. But it was still an easy win for our boys. Hmmm ... we had the entire team, I should have taken a picture!

October 22, 2011
Game #6
Win (73-20)
This was a mismatched game, not only did the other team not quite have the skill level, but they didn't have enough players either. There were only four there to start, so Brighton played on their team until a fifth member showed up (and he scored for their team, a three pointer). I think our boys DID try to hold back some ... really ... with Hayden getting in a buzzer beater at the end, everyone scored.

October 29, 2011
Game #7
Win (55-22)
The opposing team was coached by Steve (Keaton's coach) and has several kids Callahan has played with before (Camden, Trevor, Anthony, Max ... who IS on Keaton's team). We were missing Brighton.

November 5, 2011
Game 8
Loss (52-43)
The final game ... I've mentioned we've missed Mason and Rowland since they left the team, and that was never more true than today when we had to play AGAINST them. Our team got the lead and held it to the fourth quarter then ... Mason came alive hitting SO many three pointers. 33 points in the fourth quarter (this compared to their 19 points in the first three quarters combined)! Our boys played great but just couldn't match the fire and had their first defeat.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hoop Highlights (Keaton's Crew) Fall

Gene Fullmer Fall Basketball - 5ht/6th league.
Braxton, Garret, Max, Colton, Mason, Hunter, Eric, Keaton, Tanner, Jonathon

Game #1
September 17, 2011
WIN (51-18)
An easy win ... fun way to start the season :)

Game #2
September 25, 2011
LOSS (28-62)
This was against Reggie and Michael (Callahan's Superleague coach and teammate). We were missing Garrett, who we could have used, as we got beat pretty easily.

Game #3
October 1, 2011
WIN (51-24)
Another easy win.

Game #4
October 8, 2011
WIN (32-24)
The opposing team had a lot of people we knew on it. Keaton's school buddies Tony and Tru. Jacob from Spring season. Drake, a former teammate of Callahan. Tristan, the younger brother of one of Callahan's former teammates. Our team pulled ahead to start, then the other team caught up, keeping it close. Keaton had a really good game!

Game #5
October 15, 2011
I don't have a video or know the exact score, because Keaton was gone for this game (I thought about still going and taping it, but didn't have someone to watch Cooper). This was against a good team we had played in summer. They creamed us pretty good last season, but this loss was only by four, the kids kept it close! If Keaton and Garrett had been there ... who knows?

Game #6
October 22, 2011
Loss (30-22)
Not only were we missing several team members (Garrett, Max and Tanner) but Coach Steve was also gone. Colton's dad stepped in to direct the boys. We knew this was a good team, so we were expecting a difficult game. Our boys actually got the lead and kept it until right before the half, when the other team did a full court press, catching our kids off guard. They pulled ahead then and we just couldn't quite catch back up.

Game #7
November 5
Win (47-15)
Easy win (too easy) ... and that was even without Garrett for much of the game (he had to leave halfway).

Game #8
November 12, 2011
Win (44-29)
Final game of the season ... this one had actually been scheduled for a couple of weeks ago, but was postponed due to scheduling conflicts. The boys really seemed to be having fun. Lots of passing, sharing the ball and teamwork. Garret took a hard hit to the nose that sidelined him for a few minutes. We were missing Hunter.

Great season boys!

I took all of the "Keaton" clips from the various videos above, and compiled them into one little muvee ... Keaton'sKlips ...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Season (Callahan's Crew)

Summer Season ... we are often missing kids as there are campouts and family vacations. We only had the entire team together ONE time, and Joey ended up getting a concussion and having to leave early. So, in the team picture above (taken the last game) we are missing Parker. Rowland took the summer off, and as our 6th graders moved up to the 7th/8th division, we filled the two open spots on the team with Tyler and Mason, older brothers of Brendan and Joey. They add some height to our team. The uniforms are RED ... Callahan is happy with that. I'll post the games here in chronological order ...

Game 1
June 18, 2011
Win (42-27)
Game one, against a Taylorsville Team. It wasn't a runaway win like all the games Spring season, but our team was able to pull into the lead and keep it comfortable the entire game. There was some mixups with the reffing, so there was only one ref instead of the usual two. Not sure if the boys instinctively realized there wouldn't be as many eyes watching, and it was a little physical, with some complaints of missed calls on both sides. Everyone scored (and due to a camera malfunction ... ok, really user error ... I did miss two baskets right after the 4th quarter started, not sure by who). We were missing Stockton and Tanner.

Game 2
June 25, 2011
Loss (47-30)
We had the whole team today ...I was going to get a picture, but it didn't happen (Joey was out by the end). Bigger Mason got a haircut ... sometimes it's such a big change I almost don't recognize these kids after! The other team was both good AND big. There was one of Klint's former team players, and also Jimmy, who lives in our neighborhood. Probably mostly 8th graders, so we shouldn't have to see them again Fall season. Even though it was a loss, it was nice to see the boys have to work for their points. Joey took a VERY hard foul, hitting his head on the floor. He was out for the rest of the game and his parents took him to the doctor after ... severe concussion. Rest up Joey! We do have a couple weeks until the next game.

Game 3
July 9, 2011
Loss 16-50
We knew coming in this would be a hard game. The team wasn't that big, but they were good. They landed almost every shot, while our team had trouble getting any in. Callahan was very down ... literally, on the floor. I had to tease him a bit, and as I didn't have any baskets of his to focus on, I featured his falling ... Callahan, the soundtrack on this video is dedicated to you!

Game 4
July 30, 2011
Loss 30-35
The boys were pretty happy when the first quarter ended and they were in the lead! The other team rallied and caught up, but our team managed to keep it quite close the entire game.

Game 5
August 6, 2011
Loss 22-28
This was a bit of a frustrating game because of the many foul calls ... our boys were in foul trouble early. Callahan, who rarely gets fouls called on him had THREE the FIRST quarter. This was especially stressful as his counterpart, Mason, was gone today. The boys were very happy when they had, not only the lead, but a shutout, the first quarter! But then the other team edged back and took over the lead. Parker and Jared fouled out and several others were very close. Our boys did still keep it close!

Game 6
August 13, 2011
Loss 39-40
This was a really great game. We were missing Tanner and Tyler (we could have used Tyler's height, as the other team had a BIG center). Our team had the lead as the first quarter ended, it was tied going into halftime, the other team got a decent lead in the 4th, but our boys came back for an exciting finish! Three points down with less than a second on the clock, Joey got the shot off and it was in ... but a two instead of a three. It was SO close!

Game 7
August 20, 2011
Win (55-35)
There are only seven teams in the 7th/8th division, so we do play a couple of the teams twice. Today's game was against the same team we played first. We won then and we won again. The other team was actually up at the end of the first quarter, but then our team pulled ahead and kept the lead the rest of the game. A lot of highlights today ... Callahan and both Masons were on FIRE!

Game 8
August 27, 2011
Loss (33-50)
We'd lost against this team once, and lost again. This team had some pretty big kids that towered over our boys. I was running a little late (coming straight from a soccer game) so I missed Joey's three pointer that started the game ... but there were several more! Love those outside shots!

So this was a tough season, but a good one. We didn't need one full of easy wins like Spring. I look forward to see what the Fall competition is like ...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hoop Highlights (Keaton's Crew) Summer

Mason, Tanner, Richard, Braxton, Joey
Max, Brady, Nick, Keaton, Jonathon

The majority of Keaton's 4th grade Spring team decided to play up in the 5th/6th division for summer. There were so many kids (as Steve already had a team in that division) that they split the kids into two teams, so we don't have Hunter on our team anymore. From last season, there's Max, Tanner, Jonathon and of course, Keaton! New team members are Nick, Joey, Mason, Braxton, Richard and Brady. The games will be posted here in chronological order ...

Game 1 (June 18, 2011) This game didn't happen :( The summer league is combined with Taylorsville Recreation and the team was supposed to come from there, but they didn't show. We had a little scrimmage (Callahan joined in) but it isn't the same as a game.

Game 2 (June 25, 2011) Whereas Callahan's sixth grade team looks a little mismatched playing up, these teams looked pretty even. The score was neck and neck the entire game. There were a lot of missed shots, and lots of calls for traveling (on both teams). Our boys pulled ahead for the win... 28-24.

Game 3 (July 9, 2011) Playing at Taylorsville today. Our team pulled ahead right away, but then the other team caught up, and even got a point ahead. The game was tied for the last couple minutes, then a final free throw won the game for our team! Win ... 22-21

Game 4 (July 16, 2011) A late game today ... 5:00. As mentioned above, there were so many kids (4th,5th,6th) that Steve had to form two teams. Today, we were playing our other "half". They were missing a couple key players, and Brady was gone from our team. Keaton had a GREAT game! Win (30-15).

Game 5 (July 30, 2011) We knew coming into this game that it would be tough. The other team has been playing together for a couple of years ... they would be a little better match for Callahan's crew, and in fact had played against them in years past. This team had left the rec league to try competitive play, and back here, had been dominating all the teams they played against. We were no exception. Keaton had a big of a rough game, with several hard falls, but I was very proud that he got back into the game each time. Loss (18-61).

Game 6 (Aug 6, 2011) This was another very good team (again, I think they have played competitively, our coach has seen them at AAU). Our boys didn't land a shot in the first quarter. By the half, the four points on the board were from free throws. We got a couple shots off, and a few more free throws, but it wasn't a great game. Lots of turnovers. We were missing Brady. Again, Keaton took several hard falls. (Loss 11-47).

Game 7 (Aug. 13, 2011) We had back-to-back basketball, with Callahan's game finishing up at a different location the same time this one started ... so I was a little late. Our team had six points on the board when I arrived (two baskets by my Keaton I was told). It was a pretty easy win, which was nice after the last couple tough games. (Win 31-24).

Game 8 (Aug. 20, 2011) Back to back games again, but I was able to catch the whole game ... well almost all of it. Keaton banged his knee pretty bad and I missed a couple shots while I was tending to him. Keaton's buddy Jacob was on the other team, and they only had five players (missing a couple of their star players), so it was a pretty easy win for our boys. We were missing Mason and Nick.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

AAU Memorial Day Tournament

So, after an 8-0 Spring Season full of blowout games, we decided to try an AAU Tournament over Memorial Day weekend. Jared's family had camping plans, so we missed him greatly. Rowland's family also had plans, but they changed them up to allow Rowland to participate, and he was greatly needed! The tournament was a humbling experience for the boys. We lost all three games. But it is good for them to remember being on the other side, and gives them something to shoot for. Here's some highlights ...

Game 1 Thunder vrs Vivint Elite
May 27, 2011 (5:00)
Glad this was our first game! While it was a loss, it wasn't a beatdown, and Callahan, Mason and Rowland especially landed some spectacular shots ... unfortunately the other team did too *Ü* 48-60.

Game 2 Thunder vrs Madison Cats
May 28, 2011 (9:00)
This team came in from Idaho. Makes me feel grateful that this opportunity is SO close by for us. The boys didn't seem quite as "on" as in the last game, there were a lot of missed shots ... but enough great shots to make a highlight reel too. 35 - 62.

Game 3 Thunder vrs Royals
May 28, 2011 (1:00)
We came into this game a little apprehensive, as this team had beaten both teams we had played thus far. We had heard there was a big kid on the team ... is he really 12? Can I see a birth certificate please? I think the team was a good team even without their #16 (who looked at least 16), but it was really hard to see anything past that one kid. We had a few injuries, Callahan went down toward the end and didn't make it back into the game. Short video ... not a lot of highlights, but it was Joey's best game ... 19-56

So ... I don't know that we're quite ready for full competition. We are going to play up for summer season, against 7th and 8th graders. There will probably be some stiff competition, but not this AAU level play. And maybe we can bid farewell to the gold/white uniforms.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gene Fullmer Spring 2011

Spring season has started ... we're happy to have Mason back on the team *Ü*. Coming in as a well-working team and all 6th graders (in a 5th/6th league), I do expect the team to dominate this season. The team would probably consider going competition (Superleague), but once you go competition, the rec league won't let you come back and play, and I don't know if Superleague seasons run year round like this league does. While our team could probably hold their own up a grade against 7th graders, playing up here would pit them against 8th graders too, and the height and skill difference there is a little too great. That shift will come shortly (in summer or fall) as our boys shift to 7th grade anyway.

Here's the Hoop Highlights ...

Game 1
March 26, 2011
Win (62-15)
An easy win. Jared started us off ... boy did he start us off! While everyone did well, Rowland was the top scorer with 18 points! Not really any outside shots going in this game, almost everything was popped up from right under the basket. We were missing Stockton today. Nice to have Mason back on the team :)

Game 2
April 2, 2011
Win (ah ...who's counting?)
Today was actually a tough game ... tough in that the teams were woefully mismatched. It's actually HARD ... what do you do when your team is working like clockwork and the other team can't land a shot (seriously, at the half, the other team was zero and they had stopped counting our baskets). I've been on the other side, when it's YOUR kids who are getting demolished, I know it isn't any fun. Our coach can't pull the "good" kids out ... all the kids on the team are good. Do you tell our boys to purposely MISS? They started taking harder outside shots ... but they made many of those too. During the third quarter, our boys did hold back, letting the other team get shots off, letting them get the rebounds ... it was actually a very quiet game ... not much cheering, no adrenaline rush. I think the score was 83-32. But you can see how well our boys work together. There was SO much passing and selfless sharing of the ball. We were missing Rowland and Tanner today... and Joey got a haircut!

Game 3
April 9, 2011
Win (63-14)
It was a cold and snowy day ... isn't is supposed to be SPRING? The other sports (soccer, baseball, flag football) were all cancelled because of the weather, but basketball goes on! Another easy win for the team. We had a complete team today, and EVERYONE scored! I am missing one of Stockton's shots (for some reason I thought the other team was throwing the ball in and didn't have the camera ready).

Game 4
April 16, 2011
Win (82-14)
Missing Parker today. Everyone on our team scored.

Game 5
April 30,
Win (54-13)
We had a complete team today, and everyone scored! While it was an easy win, it was not a complete runaway like some of the previous games. It was another snowy spring day ... soccer games canceled, so glad that basketball plays on no matter the weather!

Game 6
May 7, 2011
Win (57-24)
I was late coming to the game today, missed most of the first quarter. I was just off today, also missed some more shots during the game (including the final shot by Tanner). This was probably the most competitive game. A couple former teammates on the other team. Still a fairly easy win. Tanner's birthday celebration after. Happy birthday Tanner!

Game 7
May 14, 2011
Win (64-12)
Missing Brendan today ... but everyone who was there scored. Our team isn't super tall, but there were several really small kids on the opposing team. During the first few minutes, our team was actually behind! Our boys had made one basket, then the other team made a three pointer. The first time the opposing team has been ahead all season *Ü*

Game 8
May 21, 2011
Win (85-27)
The final game of the season. Keaton came to watch too, as it was the opposing team was his coach and a couple (4th grade) players from his team. Just a couple notes on the song in the video above ... MatchboxTwenty's "How Far We've Come" ... this team really HAS come a long way. It was a year ago, Spring Season 2010 that this group of boys first came together. It's a great group of boys! Also, the song talks about the world coming to an end ... ironic as May21, 2011 was said by some to be "Rapture" ... the end of the world. I guess they were wrong *Ü* Just the end of the spring season.

So ... up next ... an AAU Tournament and then summer season (playing 5th/6th again, or willing to risk 7th/8th division? True, the boys might be on the other end, the ones getting beat ... but I don't know that we need another season of domination). I'm happy to bid these "gold/yellow, hard to tell the difference from the white" uniforms goodbye! Wonder what they will be next season?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hoop Highlights (Keaton's Crew) Spring

Gene Fullmer Spring 2011
Keaton has played Junior Jazz for the past few years, but decided he wanted MORE basketball, so he signed up for Spring season, joining a coach and his son that Callahan had played with (and against). It was a good little team, 7-1 for the season. Here are the highlights (most recent at the top).

May 21, 2011 (Game 8)
A slow game, especially in the first half. Neither team could get the ball in the basket. Our team finally snapped out of it for the second half ... but it's a shorter video than usual *Ü*

May 15, 2011 (Game 7)
... another easy win ... I received a new video camera for Mother's Day, this was my first time using it. It makes it easier to zoom in and zoom back out :) Hopefully, I was able to get more/better video. I don't think I missed any shots today.

May 07, 2011 (Game 6)
Happy to be at this game, as there was a possible conflict with a scouting activity ... easy win for the team. I missed the first basket (by Max) and a steal/layup (by Keaton) in the second half.

April 30, 2011 (Game 5)
The game started off pretty even, the our team pulled ahead and stayed there for the rest of the game. Lots of nice shots from our boys! Keaton got a couple great steals (I often don't get the defensive plays on video) and turned them into fast break layups. Nice win!

April 16, 2011 (Game 4)
We had Callahan's game right before, I barely got there to catch the start of the game. It was a pretty easy win for the boys.

April 9, 2011 (Game 3)
Cold and snowy day ... all outside sports were cancelled, but BASKETBALL plays on! If you see a familiar face on the side, Callahan's coach was the coach for the opposing team (he is coaching four different teams!) It was a pretty good match, but our team was victorious.

April 2, 2011 (Game 2)
Dad took Keaton to the game today (and took the video with his Iphone), as Mom was busy at Callahan's game, which was at the same time. Keaton did great and the team won.

March 26, 2011 (Game 1)
The opposing team is probably the toughest our kids will have to face this season. We lost the game, but kept it close. The video is just a few quick clips of Keaton.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Junior Jazz - 6th Grade Team Division

Junior Jazz
6th Grade Team Division

This team has been together for almost a year now ... they took third in the spring, and back to back "titles" (first place) in summer and fall. Going into this winter season, we lost Mason and Cody, who had committed to other teams. Instead of replacing them, the team went into the season with just eight ... more playing time! Undefeated in the season!

December 18, 2010 (Game One) 6:00
A great game for Callahan, and Stockton (who made THREE three pointers!) The other team was good, but we beat them pretty easily. Callahan had 13 points and 7 assists.

January 8, 2011 (Game Two) 4:00
Another good game and an easy win. Jared really came out to play! Callahan had 11 points and 9 assists, close to a double double.

January 15, 2011 (Game Three) 4:00
Callahan had been looking forward to this game, as the other team had three good friends on it (Mason, Hunter and Cole). Those three did bring their team close enough to make it a little nerve wracking for our team, but we managed to get the win. One kid on the other team was a little overly physical with fouls, that made it a bit less fun. Joey was out with an injury. Callahan had a great game, 20 points and 6 assists.

January 22, 2011 (Game Four) 4:00
Our team was a little worried about this game and the other team's man-to-man defense, Klint even held a white board practice before the game to review some new plays. We got a pretty easy win. Still undefeated ... still missing Joey. EVERYone on the team got points today! Callahan had 17 points and 7 assists.

January 29, 2011 (Game Five) 6:00
Callahan's grandparents came out to see the game. The team seemed just a bit off at the start (Callahan had missed practice last night as we had family tickets to the Jazz game), but they soon got into their usual groove. An easy win. Callahan had 23 points and 8 assists (although I can't tell from the video half the time ... SOMEONE didn't do a very good job behind the camera, too close, too far, blurry ... come on!)

February 5, 2011 (Game Six) 3:00
We were missing Stockton (and this three pointers) today :( ... luckily, it was still an easy win for the team. Everyone on the team scored today. Callahan had 20 points and 9 assists.

February 12, 2011 (Game Seven) 3:00
A change in venue today. The game was played at West Jordan Middle School, which Callahan actually preferred over the divided court at CopperHills. The game before ran over by 20 minutes, so we started late. Landon was actually on ref duty there, and was on to ref this game (fully disclosed that his brother was on the team). It was an easy win. Callahan had 18 points and 9 assists. Undefeated in the season ... Championship game next week!

February 19, 2011 (Game Eight) 5:00
The Championship game, held at Gene Fullmer. Usually I jog the track during Gene Fullmer games, but as this was the BIG game, I said I'd make a video for Callahan, and he had quite a game (19 points), so I'm glad I did! We had beaten this team once before, but they are one of the better teams and they did keep it close and a bit nerve-wracking there near the end. But our boys did get the lead and kept it the entire game. Congrats on another 1st place win!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Superleague 2010-2011

Superleague Utes
This is Callahan's second year playing on the Ute's Superleague team. We lost three players from last year, and gained a couple new ones (Cody and Hunter, both of whom Callahan has played with on the Gene Fullmer leagues).

Game One: At Franklin Covey (9:00)
Utes vs Salt Lake Metro
December 8, 2010
47-43 (Win)
What a great way to start the season! Callahan got things going with a three-pointer was on fire with several great shots. I was so glad Dad was there to see it. It was a challenging but fun game, we won by three points. This was the first game I shot video of, and I kept the camera on Callahan and didn't get everyone's baskets in. There were a lot of great shots from other team members I missed capturing on camera, but I'll try to get them all from here on out!

Game Two: Bennion (7:00)
Utes vs Runnin' Miners
December 15, 2010
48-26 (Win)
This was a "messy" game ... so many fouls! Hunter fouled out. But it was a fairly easy win. Good thing I wasn't focusing JUST on Callahan and his shots ... or this would have been a short video!

Game Three: Bennion (6:00)
Utes vs Olyminators
January 5, 2011
27-28 (Loss)
Our first loss. We were ahead the entire game, until the last few seconds. They made a three to put them up by one. This same team did this last year too (won by a three pointer in the final seconds). I definitely think we could have easily won, there were a lot of missed shots. Hopefully we'll get another rematch.

Game Four: Bennion (9:00)
Utes vs Riverton Heat
January 12, 2011
51-48 (Win)
I'm beginning to think all the games at Bennion are foul heavy ... maybe it's the refs? This game was neck and neck the entire time. Tied at the half, the other team was ahead as the third quarter ended. Tons of foul shots in the final minute of the game. Bo Hunter had his best game yet. We won by three points. It was Chase's birthday, U cookies given afterwards.

Game Five: West High (8:00)
Utes vs Park City Miners
January 19, 2011
48-22 (Win)
Thanks to Stockton's family for letting Callahan and I hitch a ride. This was a small gym ... a bit claustrophobic, not a lot of seating (or good spots to video from). The opposing team had a female coach AND a couple of girls on the team. They kept it even for the first few minutes, then our team pulled ahead for a pretty easy win. Everyone on the team scored points in this game *Ü*

Game Six: Bennion Jr. High (9:00)
Utes vs SL Basketball
January 26, 2011
44-29 (Win)
Back to Bennion (which is nice and close so I'm not complaining!). Our team pulled ahead early and kept the lead the entire time. We were missing Hunter (home sick) today ... Just a note, there are some shots missing from today's video :( I had turned the camera off for a moment when the other team got the ball, and didn't get it turned back on quickly enough as Cody stole the ball and made a basket. Then, the memory on the camera was full, and while I was frantically deleting some old video to make room, I know Bo (Hunter) made another basket and Cody made a couple more at the free throw line. At least this does prep me for next week when we have a double header ... I'll have a backup memory card (and maybe a backup camera too!)

Game Seven: Bennion Jr. High (7:00) February 02, 2011
Utes vs Sonics
53-26 (Win)
This was a fun game ... TWO three pointers by Callahan, a crazy behind the back shot by Bo, CHASEing layups, and a long open pass to Michael were just a few of the more memorable baskets.

Game Eight: Bennion Jr. High (8:00) February 2, 2011
Utes vs Stallions
44-22 (Win)
The second of a double header ... do back to back games provide an advantage or disadvantage? On one hand, the kids are tired from just playing a game ... on the other hand, they're all warmed up! While we had looked at this second game with a bit of trepidation (the other team had only lost one game, and they had two HUGE players!) but it was a pretty easy win. A bit of frustration with the 3-second calls (or lack thereof). I was impressed with the sportsmanship of the other team, as they would often extend a hand to help up one of our boys after a foul. There were quite a few fouls, the other team was in the penalty, giving us some extra free throws.

Game Nine: Granite Park Jr. (6:00)
Utes vs SS Wildcats
February 9, 2011
51-42 (Win)
We'd heard a little about this team before heading into the game ... they were small, but fast. They liked to press. Our boys worked on breaking a press in practice and they need to put those skills to the test. It was a very challenging and fast moving game. Our team pulled ahead from the start and kept the lead for the entire game for the win. We did have a LOT of turnovers though! Everyone on the team scored today. We were missing Stockton this game. Clay and Courtney and the kids came to cheer Callahan on. Dad was there too!

Utes vs Pump-n-Run
Game Ten: Franklin Covey (8:00)
February 16, 2011
40-24 (Win)
Wild weather this day ... wind blew in quite a snowstorm! Our team had to change their jerseys to the white side for the first time (the opposing team was also red). This was Michael's game, with 14 points (one of his baskets is missing from the footage, camera issues!) The other team tied it up the first quarter, but then our boys pulled ahead and kept the lead for the rest of the game for the win.


Utes vs SLBB (Hoops)
Tournament Game 1: Franklin Covey (9:00)
February 23, 2011
40-24 (Win)
Entering the single elimination tournament ... this was the team we played in Game 6. Callahan got in FOUR three pointers (ok ... one didn't count) ... if you watch, you'll see him shake the "magic eight ball" before his free throw in the final portion of the game (an inside joke at practice). We were missing Cody out with an injury.

Monday, February 21, 2011

AAU President's Day Tournament

So another team approached Callahan and asked if he would join them for an AAU tournament over President's Day weekend ... so he did. He got in one scrimmage and one practice and then it was tournament time. We hadn't had any AAU experience to this point. The other teams did seem to be Superleague quality ... our boys going in weren't quite up to the challenge and lost all three games. It's not all bad to have to learn to deal with loss and continue to be a good sport when you are NOT the winning team. Callahan had to leave the third game early, but here are the videos of the first two games. Yes ... they were losses ... but I just feature the highlights in MY videos *Ü*

Game 1 (7:00)
February 18, 2011
West Jordan High School

Game 1 (2:00)
February 19, 2011
West Jordan High School

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Church Ball 2011

Callahan LOVES basketball ... in our ward, the young men's basketball program is mainly for the Teachers and Priests, although Deacons CAN play. Of course, with Callahan's late birthday (in Feb) there wasn't much basketball season left for him once he did finally turn 12. Callahan is completely dwarfed by all the older boys! It was fun to be able to watch both Landon and Callahan play together ... the Blackham Brothers! I made it to two games ... here's the muvees ...

February 5, 2011

April 08, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cooper's Crew

This was Cooper's first Junior Jazz season. Originally, he hadn't wanted to sign up for basketball, saying soccer was his favorite sport. After realizing he wouldn't be playing soccer in the snow, he asked to sign up for basketball. Luckily, we were able to get him on a team. Cooper did GREAT! He started the season in an arm brace, recovering from a broken arm. Looks like we have another allstar on our hands!

December 11, 2010

January 29, 2011

Keaton's Hoop Highlights

Junior Jazz 2010-2011 ... Keaton's done a little soccer, baseball and of course basketball ... he's participated in Junior Jazz for a few years now. This year (4th Grade), he had a couple classmates from Columbia on his team, and made some new friends. He had a good season (5 wins, three losses). I made two videos of his games this season ...

December 11, 2010

January 29, 2011

GF Basketball (2010)

Callahan has been playing basketball since he could dribble. We were thrilled to discover year round playing opportunities at Gene Fullmer. Spring, Summer and Fall ball, in addition to the standard Jr. Jazz during the winter months. Unlike Jr. Jazz, which is played at various schools in the area, Gene Fullmer Basketball is played at the rec center ... and the rec center has a track above the basketball court. So usually, I'm on the track, jogging while cheering, feeding off the energy of the game. So unlike the current seasons, where I'm capturing video and making a muvee of EVERY game, I only have four to feature from the three 2010 seasons (two from spring season, and two from fall season, when the games were held at a different rec center that didn't have a track).

November 16, 2010

September 25, 2010
If you look, you'll see some familiar faces on the opposing team (from the Superleague Utes!)

Spring 2010 - The Last Game

Spring 2010

Superleague 2009-2010

Basketball Backlog

Basketball through the years ... I thought it would be fun to go back and find all the team photos from when Callahan first started playing. It seems like he's been playing FOREVER, but I THINK the first time he played was Jr. Jazz in the 2006-2007 season ...Here are some of the photos I found, starting and updating with the most recent ...

Gene Fullmer Fall 2010

Coach: Klint Koontz

Jared, Cody, Parker, Joey, Rowland

Stockton, Mason, CALLAHAN, Tanner, Brenden

1st Place!

Gene Fullmer Summer 2010

Coach: Klint Koontz

Stockton, Brendan, Joey, Cody, Parker, Jared

Tanner, Callahan, Mason, Tristan

1st Place!

Gene Fullmer Spring 2010

Coach: Klint Koontz

Callahan, Mason, Stockton, Tristan, Tanner

Parker, Rowland, Jared, Brendan, Cody

3rd place out of 9 teams

2009-2010 Superleague (5th Grade)

Coach: Reggie Jewkes

Tristan, Callahan, Michael, Daniel, Brian

Hunter, Crosby, Josh, Chase, Stockton

(2nd place out of eleven teams)

2009-2010 Jr. Jazz Upper Division Comp (5th Grade)

Coach: Amber Hackwell

Anthony, Hunter, Parker, Stockton, Nate

Casey, Cole, Callahan, Kaden, Tristen

(2nd place out of four teams)

Gene Fullmer Fall League 2009 (5th/6th)

Coach: Amber Hackwell

Henry, Stockton, Anthony, Gage, Hunter

Altimar, Tristan, Drake, Callahan (Tyler not pictured)

(there were 10 teams this season, combined with Taylorsville, I don't think we knew our exact placement, but it wasn't in the top few. This was the first season moving up into the 5th/6th grade league, coming in with our continued team, we were all 4th/5th graders ... Callahan missed two games for our trip to Disneyland).

Gene Fullmer Summer League 2009 (3rd/4th)

Coach: Amber Hackwell

Callahan, Stockton, Tyler, Jared, Anthony

Kaden, Gage, Nate, Tristan, Zach

(1st Place! 3rd place heading into the playoff, we beat the 2nd place team and moved up the championships, and then managed to beat the first place team, the boys were estatic!)

Gene Fullmer Spring 2009 (3rd/4th)

Braxton, Anthony, Jared, Nate, Stockton

Tristan, Tyler, Gage, Callahan, Kaden

(This was a great season, eight teams, most pretty evenly matched. We came in 2nd)

Jr. Jazz 2008-2009 (4th Grade)

Anthony, Nate, Braxton, Stockton, Callahan

Tristan, Tyler, (?) Kaden, Zach

(Good season ... played out at Sunset Ridge Junior High ... lost one, tied one, won the rest, but of course with Jr. Jazz there are so many teams that we didn't play against everyone. There were a couple really tough teams out there that we never came up against).

Gene Fullmer Fall 2008 (3rd/4th)

Braxton, Kaden, Zach, Stockton, Tristan

Zac, Tyler, Max, Anthony, Callahan, Ethan

(4th place out of six ... Introduction of Amber as our coach ... she had taken over some of the coaching duties last season when the coach was late or couldn't be there, then decided to step up so that the kids could stay together as a team ... we ended up staying together for 5 more seasons! Amber was a great coach, always on time to games and practices, making sure the kids had FUN in addition to being competitive. Thanks Amber, for all you did for the team!)

Gene Fullmer Summer 2008 (3rd/4th)

Braxton, Mac, Max, Issac, Anthony, Lake

Stockton, Callahan, Tyler, Ethan

Gene Fullmer Spring 2008

(Can't remember the top row ...)

Jared, Nate, Sinai, Jacob, Callahan

Jr. Jazz 2007-2008 (3rd Grade)

Jr. Jazz 2006-2007 (2nd Grade)

I'm sure there was actually a complete team, but only half were there for the team photo!