Saturday, March 10, 2012

Callahan - Junior Jazz 2012 (8th)

Steven, Jared, Parker, Brenden
Callahan, Bryson, Ben, Luis, Porter
(Stockton missing from picture)
Coach: Klint Koontz

This team was the solid six who have played together for a while (Callahan, Stockton, Parker, Jared, Brenden and Luis) with a couple additions. Although the team was 7th graders, we had chosen to play up at the 8th grade level for more competition ... and we got it. Most of the games were challenging but winnable (not that they did win all of them ... but did come in 2nd). Unfortunately some of the games conflicted with the CopperHills team, so Callahan missed out on three games!

Junior Jazz 8th Grade
 Game 1 Win (41-38) 
Game 2 Loss (game conflict/no video)
Game 3 Loss (game conflict/no video)
 Game 4 Win (51-33)
Game 5 Win (game conflict/no video)
 Game 6 Win (50-37)
 Game 7 Loss (48-51)
Game 8 Loss (37-48)

So we'd had a good season and decided to try our hand in the annual Junior Jazz Tournament, playing teams from other rec centers, probably some of the more challenging teams. Although we'd played up in the 8th grade division for the season, we stayed in the 7th grade for the tournament (as the boys are all 7th graders), and the boys took the whole thing! Ironically, the championship game came down to us, and the team we played for our first game!

Junior Jazz Tournament
Game 1 WIN (49-35) v Thunder
Game 2 WIN (47-23) v Rose Park
Game 3 WIN (66-21) v Tigers
Game 4 WIN (68-52) v BlueClues
Game 5 WIN (49-33) v Thunder

The boys got this T-shirt ...

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