Saturday, May 16, 2015

Colton - Spring Basketball 2015

In the Winter, the little boys play Junior Jazz  basketball. As Spring rolls around, there are so many other options (soccer, football, baseball), but this year Colton was eligible to continue on in basketball (Gene Fullmer offers a rec league starting in  3rd grade). He swayed between soccer and basketball for a bit, then decided on basketball. I'll admit, as a parent spectator ... I do prefer the basketball (no weather worries, easier parking, no urge to jump into the game). I was especially pleased when I found out the games would be held at Gene Fullmer. They have a track above the court, and I love to jog while I watch. Except that I also like to get video of the games. Originally, the 14-year old agreed to be the videographer, but after the first couple games (in which he did fine, but missed some shots) his interest waned. I ended up manning the video camera instead of jogging for the remaining games ... but I was especially glad I did for THIS game (see highlights below). Colton was on FIRE ...

While I usually make a video for every game with the older boys, I generally don't get enough footage with the younger kids from a single game (that one above was the exception!). Usually I just wait until the end of the season and make one video, featuring all the highlights. I also did that, with the remaining games, you can see it HERE

No official team picture with Spring season (which is fine with me!) We didn't know anyone going into the season ... only one of the boys goes to Colton's same elementary school. But Colton is an easy going kid and makes friends easily. Back row ... Peter, Colton, Alex, Luke, Luke.  Front Row. ... Collin, Gage, Collin, Jordan (Coach Farmer)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Callahan -Spring 2015

The official basketball season may be over ... but there is still basketball. Callahan's age group is now considered "Junior Varsity" and in playing in a Spring League and a Spring Tournament, both with a majority of the games at Copper Hills High School. It's great that they are so nice and close, and the boys can run clocks to pay for a portion of the basketball fees.

** Spring Schedule **

While the games at Highland are a little too far for me to attend, I'm planning on hitting all the others, and hopefully getting video for a highlight reel. Check out the YouTube playlist for all the Spring League games. I'll be updating as the games go ...

The first four games were wins ...
Riverton in game #5 was the first loss.
The boys won all the remaining games.

There is also a tournament ... 
I'll update with a link to that playlist as I add games. 

** Spring Tournament **

There was an additional game on Friday as well.
You can see all the game highlights below.
CHHS Spring Tournament YouTube Playlist

Go Grizzlies!

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