Friday, May 1, 2015

Callahan -Spring 2015

The official basketball season may be over ... but there is still basketball. Callahan's age group is now considered "Junior Varsity" and in playing in a Spring League and a Spring Tournament, both with a majority of the games at Copper Hills High School. It's great that they are so nice and close, and the boys can run clocks to pay for a portion of the basketball fees.

** Spring Schedule **

While the games at Highland are a little too far for me to attend, I'm planning on hitting all the others, and hopefully getting video for a highlight reel. Check out the YouTube playlist for all the Spring League games. I'll be updating as the games go ...

The first four games were wins ...
Riverton in game #5 was the first loss.
The boys won all the remaining games.

There is also a tournament ... 
I'll update with a link to that playlist as I add games. 

** Spring Tournament **

There was an additional game on Friday as well.
You can see all the game highlights below.
CHHS Spring Tournament YouTube Playlist

Go Grizzlies!

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