Monday, May 7, 2012

Callahan - Gene Fullmer Spring 2012

Callahan has been playing basketball year round at Gene Fullmer since 3rd grade. We came into Spring with eight players (Callahan, Stockton, Jared, Luis, Parker, Brendan, Steven and Porter) and then the rec center filled the two open spots. For the most part, being a recreational league, our team does win easily each week, EXCEPT when we played Brian's team, which was our one loss (same as in the Fall). 

As I've gotten SO many of Callahan's games on film, and currently he's more into some of his other leagues, I'm not video taping the games at Gene Fullmer this season. There is a track above the basketball court, and before I started videoing all the games, I'd get in some walking/jogging while I watched. I've gone back to doing that (after I pay my $5 for a day pass, I get my money's worth during both Keaton and Callahan's game ... although I don't always FEEL like walking at 8:00 at night after a long Saturday).  I had to laugh one week when all the boys turned and waved at me as I walked ... I had my camera, so I did grab a shot! I also did take one day off and grabbed some video. You can see it HERE.

Spring Team!

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