Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hoop Highlights (Keaton's Crew) Summer

Mason, Tanner, Richard, Braxton, Joey
Max, Brady, Nick, Keaton, Jonathon

The majority of Keaton's 4th grade Spring team decided to play up in the 5th/6th division for summer. There were so many kids (as Steve already had a team in that division) that they split the kids into two teams, so we don't have Hunter on our team anymore. From last season, there's Max, Tanner, Jonathon and of course, Keaton! New team members are Nick, Joey, Mason, Braxton, Richard and Brady. The games will be posted here in chronological order ...

Game 1 (June 18, 2011) This game didn't happen :( The summer league is combined with Taylorsville Recreation and the team was supposed to come from there, but they didn't show. We had a little scrimmage (Callahan joined in) but it isn't the same as a game.

Game 2 (June 25, 2011) Whereas Callahan's sixth grade team looks a little mismatched playing up, these teams looked pretty even. The score was neck and neck the entire game. There were a lot of missed shots, and lots of calls for traveling (on both teams). Our boys pulled ahead for the win... 28-24.

Game 3 (July 9, 2011) Playing at Taylorsville today. Our team pulled ahead right away, but then the other team caught up, and even got a point ahead. The game was tied for the last couple minutes, then a final free throw won the game for our team! Win ... 22-21

Game 4 (July 16, 2011) A late game today ... 5:00. As mentioned above, there were so many kids (4th,5th,6th) that Steve had to form two teams. Today, we were playing our other "half". They were missing a couple key players, and Brady was gone from our team. Keaton had a GREAT game! Win (30-15).

Game 5 (July 30, 2011) We knew coming into this game that it would be tough. The other team has been playing together for a couple of years ... they would be a little better match for Callahan's crew, and in fact had played against them in years past. This team had left the rec league to try competitive play, and back here, had been dominating all the teams they played against. We were no exception. Keaton had a big of a rough game, with several hard falls, but I was very proud that he got back into the game each time. Loss (18-61).

Game 6 (Aug 6, 2011) This was another very good team (again, I think they have played competitively, our coach has seen them at AAU). Our boys didn't land a shot in the first quarter. By the half, the four points on the board were from free throws. We got a couple shots off, and a few more free throws, but it wasn't a great game. Lots of turnovers. We were missing Brady. Again, Keaton took several hard falls. (Loss 11-47).

Game 7 (Aug. 13, 2011) We had back-to-back basketball, with Callahan's game finishing up at a different location the same time this one started ... so I was a little late. Our team had six points on the board when I arrived (two baskets by my Keaton I was told). It was a pretty easy win, which was nice after the last couple tough games. (Win 31-24).

Game 8 (Aug. 20, 2011) Back to back games again, but I was able to catch the whole game ... well almost all of it. Keaton banged his knee pretty bad and I missed a couple shots while I was tending to him. Keaton's buddy Jacob was on the other team, and they only had five players (missing a couple of their star players), so it was a pretty easy win for our boys. We were missing Mason and Nick.

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