Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Superleagues with Keaton

It's been a great Fall season for Keaton, shifting from recreational ball to competitive play. I think he's the only one on the team who hasn't played competitively before. He's doing great and I'm very proud of him! The team is playing in two different leagues. The Salt Lake County Superleague (which plays on Wednesday nights) and the Dimple Dell Superleague (which plays on Saturdays). With Callahan out of commission, I've been able to attend all of Keaton's games and make muvees. Just move the mouse over the team names to find the link to the video highlights *Ü*

Salt Lake County Superleague (see schedule and standings HERE)  5th/6th Grade Division

Dimple Dell Superleague (see schedule and standings HERE) 6th/7th (lower) Division

Copper Hills High School Prep League

So Copper Hills High School had tryouts for their prep league ... congrats to both Callahan and Keaton for making the top team in both of their grade groups (8th and 6th respectively). Callahan has played with everyone on his team before, but this will be his first time with Coach Heagren, who is the 9th grade coach at West Hills Middle School as well.  Keaton is pretty much on a completely new team (one former teammate, and he's played against most of these kids before), and is excited to learn and play.

New jerseys ... new leagues ... but it's still cheaper than most other sports out there!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gene Fullmer Summer Season - Callahan

Summer season, Gene Fullmer combined with Taylorsville (as they have in past years) ... although Taylorsville wasn't on board as the season started, but came in later. This team was much the same as the Superleague team ... missing Mason (playing on a different rec team), Stockton and Luis. CJ and Hunter were additions to the team. I don't think we ever had EVERYONE there, so I never got an official team picture.

We thought this season would be similar to Spring, pretty easy except for Mason's team ... it was actually more competitive than anticipated! While the boys won their first seven games (including Mason's team this season) they did have to work at it. Callahan almost didn't make the last game, as he'd been at scout camp for the week. Even with him there, they weren't able to get that win (Jared was out with a hurt heel). Crosby, a former teammate of Callahan was on the other team. So once again, it was a 7-1 season. I made one video this season ( game #5), you can see it HERE

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keaton - Gene Fullmer Summer 2012

Several players are taking the summer off, so we got several new boys on the team, including Keaton's friend True from school (he adds some much needed height to the team) ... I am jogging the track again, but the first game, Callahan and Keaton had back to back games at 10:00 and 11:00 and I didn't really feel like jogging for TWO hours, so I jogged during Callahan's game and took video of Keaton.

  • Game 1:  Win. See video highlights HERE
  • Game 2: Loss (to Steve's team)
  • Game 3: Loss
  • Game 4: Win. At Taylorsville. Keaton's game was at 12:00, Callahan's at 1:00, at different locations, so I had to leave early. Keaton made a couple great shots and they were leading at the end of the first quarter. With a minute left, Keaton's team was up by two, and then he made a three pointer to seal the game ... sorry I missed that!
  • Game 5: Loss (Brian's team)
  • Game 6: Win (by forfeit) ... the other team didn't show. Keaton wasn't at this game either as he was just getting home from scout camp.
  • Game 7: Win ... the other team was almost all GIRLS. Video HERE
  • Game 8: Win 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dimple Dell Summer Superleague

Summer Superleague ...
 new uniforms and a name change, the boys are now NITROUS ...

Rowland is taking the summer off, we're not sure if he'll be back. Ben (from Callahan's CopperHills team) and Bryson have joined the team. There are several of the same teams from Spring season, some teams are taking the summer off, and others will be a new challenge to face. All the games this season will be played at the Dimple Dell Rec center.  You can see the schedule and standings HERE and I'll try to keep this blog updated with game recaps and videos ...

  • Game 1. Nitrous vs Thunder (WIN) 52-47. The other team took the lead for the first half, but our boys came back in the third and held it to the end for the win. Video highlights HERE.
  • Game 2. Nitrous vs Hurricanes (WIN) 54-32. This will probably be our easiest game this season ... our boys came out strong from the start, although the other team did come back just enough to make things a little nervous. Video highlights HERE.
  • Game 3. Nitrous vs Pump N Run (WIN) 56-35. I was expecting a tougher game today. We had barely beaten this team for the championship in Spring, and they were having a rough start to the season (having to face the two hardest teams right off the bat). I figured they were ready for a win and a rematch. Unfortunately (for them) quite a few of their teammates were missing today ... they only had five players, which does put you at a disadvantage. We were actually listed first (as home team) but they went ahead and changed their red jerseys to white (... one of their players simply had a white t-shirt, so I think that influenced that, but we prefer being all red anyway). It was a good game, the lead shifted several times and at the end of each quarter, there were only a few points separating the two teams... until the fourth, when our boys were able to pull ahead for the win. Highlights HERE
  • Game 4. Nitrous vs Utah Dynasty (WIN) 59-46. We were missing Mason and Stockton, luckily this was one of the teams we could still handle without them. We'd played them twice before (although the second time we faced them in Spring season they really gave us a challenge).  Highlights HERE
  • Game 5. Nitrous vs Shoot the Three (Loss) 45-47. SO close! It was pretty even for most of the game, with the lead shifting several times. The other team did come on strong in the fourth quarter, and even with a three point buzzer beater at the end we were still down two as the clock ran out. Callahan did make an incredible steal and half court shot at the end of the third quarter that we'll all remember though! We were missing Luis ... Highlights HERE.
  • Game 6. Nitrous vs Swoosh (Loss) 29-36. No video highlights as I wasn't at this game (I was off seeing "Wicked" with Hubby for our anniversary). Callahan said it was just an "off" game, no one seemed able to score (he only got three points).  Still missing Luis.
So that concludes the summer season. It was a good one ... the top team (Elite Eight) was too good for this league (they should have played in the upper division), they demolished everyone (we never played them but I'm sure we would have met the same fate as the others), and the bottom team (Hurricanes) was a little out of their league getting beat every game. But the remaining six teams were pretty evenly matched. Any game could have easily gone the other way. It's good when you go in, not KNOWING who is going to win.

The championship was finally updated on the website ... we aren't sure WHAT happened. Originally, in the 2nd game, it had been posted that Elite Eight had won, but then that changed and it was Pump that moved on. Swoosh (the team that knocked us out of the tournament) ended up the winners.

Here's the stats from the season ...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Colton's Spring Soccer 2012

Gavin, Bradley, Randon, Ivan, Colton
Brandon, Giana, Mia, Peter, Joey 
(Not pictured: Bryce, Luigi)

Spring Soccer! I had signed up Colton with his buddies Bradley and Randon with Gene Fullmer as we had done last Fall and last Spring. I ended up coaching again as well. We had a great season, undefeated (one game was a tie) ...

Dallen, Macey, Addison, Kenyon, Carson, Coach Parry, Spencer, Charlie, Colton

Colton also ended up taking Cooper's spot in the West Jordan Youth Soccer League (as Cooper was signed up but refused to play). I had originally planned on just having Colton play on Cooper's team, but the league said he was a little too young. They did say there was a spot on a U6 team (which had several younger siblings from Cooper's U8 team) so we did that. They too were undefeated!

As I wasn't coaching Colton's green team, I got video of all the games and made two Muvees. The first one is of the first game, the second is ALL the remaining games compiled into one! Being coach of the red team, I was one the field most of the time, but I did have the assistant coach take over a game so I could get video, so I do have one muvee from my team too!

Green Gators Game #1
Games #2-7 Green Gater Goals!
Red Rockets, Game 3

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dimple Dell Spring 2012

After so many easy wins in the rec league, we wanted to try our hand at a Superleague. Dimple Dell offers one in the spring, so here we go! Mason and Rowland have rejoined us for this league and they are a big asset to the team! Scroll over the "Game" text to find the link to the game videos *Ü*

Game 1: Grizzlies vs Force (Win 51-35)
Game 2: Grizzlies vs Dawgzz (Win 63-50)
Game 3: Grizzlies vs Herriman 2 (Win 38-30)
Game 4: Grizzlies vs Hawks (Win 60-37)
Game 5: Grizzlies vs Lights Out (Loss 42-56)
Game 6: Grizzlies vs Utah Dynasty Black (Win 47-23)
Game 7: Grizzlies vs Spartans (Win 47-15)
Game 8: Grizzlies vs Utah Dynasty Black (Win 42-36)
Game 9: Grizzlies vs Herriman 2 (Win 45-40)
Game 10: Grizzles vs Pump and Run ...(Win 31-27)

For the big winners? T-shirts! They actually DO like t-shirts. Often they will all arrange to wear them to school on the same day.  And no basketball break for these guys, the summer season starts just next week!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Callahan - Gene Fullmer Spring 2012

Callahan has been playing basketball year round at Gene Fullmer since 3rd grade. We came into Spring with eight players (Callahan, Stockton, Jared, Luis, Parker, Brendan, Steven and Porter) and then the rec center filled the two open spots. For the most part, being a recreational league, our team does win easily each week, EXCEPT when we played Brian's team, which was our one loss (same as in the Fall). 

As I've gotten SO many of Callahan's games on film, and currently he's more into some of his other leagues, I'm not video taping the games at Gene Fullmer this season. There is a track above the basketball court, and before I started videoing all the games, I'd get in some walking/jogging while I watched. I've gone back to doing that (after I pay my $5 for a day pass, I get my money's worth during both Keaton and Callahan's game ... although I don't always FEEL like walking at 8:00 at night after a long Saturday).  I had to laugh one week when all the boys turned and waved at me as I walked ... I had my camera, so I did grab a shot! I also did take one day off and grabbed some video. You can see it HERE.

Spring Team!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Keaton - Gene Fullmer Spring 2012

The Blackham boys are so happy that Gene Fullmer provides a venue to play basketball year round. Keaton is playing Spring season, with much the same team as during Junior Jazz, with a few additions (Jacob, friend and neighbor is on the team, which is a lot of fun!). I was a little worried about this season, as it is 5th/6th combined, and our team is over half 4th graders ... but they won every game.  I decided to go back to jogging the track during the games, but did take one day off to grab a video (see it HERE).

This still shot is right after Keaton made a three ... 
love Callahan and his friends cheering in the background!

The last day of Spring season...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Fling AAU

The Copper Hills team signed up for the AAU Spring Fling, but as it's also baseball season, they have been missing Blake, Brandon and Sam from some games ... No videos yet, between some TOUGH teams and me not being able to make some of the games (the winning games no less), there aren't that many highlights to work with! Might just make a combo video ... if I get around to it!

  • Game1: Copper Hills v South Valley. This game was held at Cottonwood High School, my alma mater! It was fun to go back there. The game was in the auxiliary gym, and I have to say during my three years at the school, I had never stepped foot in it. I didn't even know it was there! While this was a game we could have won, we didn't. 24-39.
  • Game2: Copper Hills v Morgan: I didn't go to this game as I had a soccer game with Colton. Gray stopped by on the way home from work. It was a good game, and an easy win for the boys. Not sure of the exact score ... hubby said they won by 12.
  • Game3: Copper Hills v Lone Peak: Just a bit of an off game. Loss 23-46
  • Game4: Copper Hills v Lehi: Wow, these guys were big and good and they demolished our boys! Loss 18-76. Ouch!
  • Game 5: Copper Hills v Blaze: After the last game, this was a nice break. An easy win. (I didn't go to see or get video).
  • Game 6: Coppers Hills v SL Prospects: We knew this would be a tough game. This team is consistently a leader in the AAU. While the team lost, Callahan actually had a good game with 18 or so points. I didn't go though, so no video.
  • Game 7: Copper Hills v Toros: We didn't have Sam, Brandon or Blake. Callahan and Parker had just come from another game and were tired, not that it would have made that much of a difference, as this was another one of the top teams. Loss 29-69.
  • Game 8: Copper Hills v Blaze: We played this team earlier in the season and won, and again it was an easy win. I did get video and hopefully will get that up soon (this text will be removed and a link added when that happens :) Win 58-35.
  • Game 9: Copper Hills vs Lone Peak: Similar to the first time we faced this team ... our boys were really off the first half ... did manage to come back the second, but not enough. Loss 23-38. That eliminated our team and ended our Spring season.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

State AAU

The Copper Hills team decided to try their hand in the AAU State Tournament ... it was pretty much the same team as during the High School Prep league (we lost a couple players, gained Tanner). We were expecting some pretty tough competition and we got it ... I DID take video of most of the games, I just haven't gotten around to making them into Muvees yet ...

  • Game 1 - Copper Hills v Kings (Loss). This game was at 6:00, and Callahan and Parker had an elimination game with the Junior Jazz Tournament (Klint's team) across town at 7:00, so we left a little early. March 19. 
  • Game 2 - Copper Hills v Skyview (Loss) ... but a decent game. March 10. 
  • Game 3 - Copper Hills v RipCity (Win) 43-42. This game was CLOSE the entire time! But the boys did manage to get the win. March 10. 
  • Game 4 - Copper Hills v Riverton (Win) 48-31.  March 13
  • Game 5 - Copper Hills v Next Level (Win)35-25 ... March 20
  • Game 6 - Copper Hills v Alta Havoc (Loss) ... March 21

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Junior Jazz Fun Shot Competition

Junior Jazz isn't JUST games each Saturday ... there are a few other perks as well. There is a Jazz  player appearance (this year it was Devin Harris, I did take the three younger boys to that), tickets to a Jazz game, and the FUNSHOT competition (for grades 5-10, although Gene Fullmer only hosts the 5th/6th and 7th/8th divisions). Compete at your local rec center and hope to qualify for region, then finals ...

I scanned in a copy of the scoring sheet for reference, 
and included the rules below ...

How to Play
  •  The game is played by one individual.
  • The player has one minute to score as many baskets as possible from any of the five different shooting spots identified on the game court.
  • Each shooting spot is worth a different point value ranging from two to five points.
  • The top 2 players in each division with the highest cumulative score advances to the next level of play.
  • Local winners advance to the regional competition and the regional winners,by invitation, will advance to the final competition held at Energy Solutions.
Game Rules
  • Player begins with ball in hand at the free throw line
  • Player must dribble from one shooting spot to another. One point will be deducted for each dribbling or motion violation (palming, traveling, double-dribble).
  •  A player can score up to two lay-ups worth two points each during the one-minute competition (lay-ups must be made within a three foot radius of the basket). Shots from the free throw line are worth three points, a shot made from beyond the three point line is worth five points. Three other shooting spots on the court vary in the scoring value (ranging from two to four points depending on the spot).
  • Five bonus points will be awarded for attempting shots from all spots once, and ten bonus points will be awarded for attempting shots from all spots twice. 

Both Keaton and Callahan came to participate. Keaton did well, finished in the upper half of the competitors (70 points). Callahan's buddy Mason took first place (120 points I think, don't quote me), and Callahan and another boy tied for 2nd with 104. All three moved onto region.

Region was held the following week at American Prep Academy ... why it was held there, I don't know! It was a challenge to find (dang Mapquest didn't tell me I needed to turn LEFT again down an unmarked street, I'm bad enough at directions without any complications!) We did make it, although there wasn't enough parking, nor enough seating for parents. The court wasn't great ... again WHY is the region competition held at this location? There were quite a few kids, so just two rounds (it was still TWO HOURS long). The top three spots were SO close, with scores of 79, 78 and 75 ... Mason took second and Callahan took third.

It would have been nice if they had been given a trophy ... a ribbon ... even a certificate, just SOMETHING that stated they had been a winner ... I had to settle for this picture *Ü*

and of COURSE  I made a video
See it HERE

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Callahan - Junior Jazz 2012 (8th)

Steven, Jared, Parker, Brenden
Callahan, Bryson, Ben, Luis, Porter
(Stockton missing from picture)
Coach: Klint Koontz

This team was the solid six who have played together for a while (Callahan, Stockton, Parker, Jared, Brenden and Luis) with a couple additions. Although the team was 7th graders, we had chosen to play up at the 8th grade level for more competition ... and we got it. Most of the games were challenging but winnable (not that they did win all of them ... but did come in 2nd). Unfortunately some of the games conflicted with the CopperHills team, so Callahan missed out on three games!

Junior Jazz 8th Grade
 Game 1 Win (41-38) 
Game 2 Loss (game conflict/no video)
Game 3 Loss (game conflict/no video)
 Game 4 Win (51-33)
Game 5 Win (game conflict/no video)
 Game 6 Win (50-37)
 Game 7 Loss (48-51)
Game 8 Loss (37-48)

So we'd had a good season and decided to try our hand in the annual Junior Jazz Tournament, playing teams from other rec centers, probably some of the more challenging teams. Although we'd played up in the 8th grade division for the season, we stayed in the 7th grade for the tournament (as the boys are all 7th graders), and the boys took the whole thing! Ironically, the championship game came down to us, and the team we played for our first game!

Junior Jazz Tournament
Game 1 WIN (49-35) v Thunder
Game 2 WIN (47-23) v Rose Park
Game 3 WIN (66-21) v Tigers
Game 4 WIN (68-52) v BlueClues
Game 5 WIN (49-33) v Thunder

The boys got this T-shirt ...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Church Ball 2012

Last year, Callahan didn't turn 12 until February, but he still played some churchball because he simply could NOT wait. This year, he is officially on the team with the other deacons and teachers in the Jordan Oaks 1st ward. There are only two other teams ... 3rd/4th wards combined, and 5th ward. So they are only playing the same two teams over and over, but depending on who shows up, the games can really change from week to week.

*Game 1 (January14) 1 v 3/4 (just a scrimmage)
Game 2 (Feb 3) 1 v 5 (Win ... but no video)
Game 3 (Feb 3) 1 v 3/4 (Loss ... Callahan had to leave early for practice)
*Game 4 (Feb 4) 1 v 3/4 (Win ... Callahan STAYED this time)
*Game 5 (Feb 10) 1 v 5 (Win)
Game 6 (Feb 16) 1 v 5 (Win ... Callahan had to leave early for practice)

Next up ... Region ...

I'll take the video from the two incomplete games I have and post it here when it's done ...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Callahan - Copper Hills 2012

Ben, Ethan, Parker, Austin, Sam, Cody
Callahan, Brandon, Carson, Blake, Stockton
Coach: Jeff Price

The schools try to gather local athletes to form teams in preparation for high school play. There was a tryout and Callahan was thrilled to make the "A" team for the CopperHills Grizzlies. Some friends he'd played with before, and some new teammates (although he'd gotten to know most everyone prior to this team). The entire team goes to West Hills Middle School.

High School Prep League
Game 1 Loss 34-52 (v LonePeakGold) 
** Game 2 Win 52-38 (v Skyline) 
 Game 3 Loss 27-32 (v Richfield) 
Game 4 Loss 32-58 (v Alta Black) 
Game 5 Win 61-55 (v Juan Diego) 
Game 6 Win 40-19 (v Riverton) 
Game 7 Loss 25-53 (v Olympus)

Game 8 Win 48-20 (v Juan Diego)
Game 9 ... Loss 41-75 ( v Olympus)

** Games to watch Callahan in action

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Callahan - Junior Jazz 2012 (7th)

Rowland, Brian, Stephan, Hunter, Joey
Troy, Cole, Nate, Callahan, Mason
Coach: Brian Allfrey

After the schedules came out, Callahan was a bit bummed he wasn't playing in the 7th grade league, because he had friends on almost every team. Callahan had played with Brian's team a couple of times in tournaments, and they had an open spot on the team. As the games didn't conflict with any of his other games, Callahan went ahead and signed up. Not that the team needed him ... they demolished every team they came across ...

Game 1 Win 51-34 (v Branden, Sam, Austin)
Game 2 Win 62-25 (v Blake)
Game 3 Win 51-21 (v Carson)
Game 4 Win 61-27
Game 5 Win (no video)
Game 6 Win 71-26 (v Jacob, Mr.Wright)
Game 7 Win (57-20)
Game 8 Win (81 points)

** Video for game 7 and 8 may be coming,
gotta get around to finishing them up

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Junior Jazz - Keaton's Crew

Eric, Stone, Chad, Nana
Keaton, Elijah, Alex
Missing: Conner & #13
Coach: Klint Koontz
Keaton has played the last three seasons with Steve, and enjoyed his time there. They had some 6th graders on the team, so they were going to play up in the 6th grade league. Klint (Callahan's coach) was coaching a 5th grade team and asked if Keaton would like to play with him (and some of the friends from summer). It was a tough decision, but we decided to play with Klint, hoping that there would be fewer scheduling conflicts with practices and games ... it sort of worked, still plenty of conflicts with other (non-Klint) games.

Keaton has been struggling with a bad cough for weeks now, and it has impacted how much he was able to play in the first few games :(

  • Game 1 (December 3) Win 21-12. Call this game the STONE show, as Stone was on fire! An easy win ...
  • Game 2 (December 10) Win 19-17. There were a lot of missed shots this game, but the boys managed to stay ahead and get the win, although the other team came back a little too close for comfort in the 4th quarter!
  • Game 3 (December 17) Win ... I came late so I didn't video (and thus don't have the final score on hand, I think it was fairly close). I wish I had pulled out the video, it was a good game. Dad and Grandpa were there watching too.
  • Game 4 (January 7) Win 21-12. Only six players today, so although Keaton is STILL battling his cough and was also recovering from a nasty bout with the stomach flu, he played most of the game and got off a lot of good shots.
  • Game 5 (January 14) Win ... not sure of the score as I didn't get to go to this game (so no video either). Thanks to Grandpa for taking Keaton while I took Cooper to his game (Dad was out of town).
  • Game 6 (January 21) Win ... not sure of the score, just because I forgot to catch it on video ... I actually think our boys were ahead by a bit, so they turned the score off. 
  • Game 7 (January 28) Win ... I sent Daddy to this game while I went to Cooper's again (so no video).  Daddy said they had to shut the score off again as our team was too far ahead ...
  • Game 8 (February 4) The Championship Game ... well, it didn't go as hoped. There were tons of missed shots, bad passes, and the other team seemed intent on fouling Keaton, poor kid ended up on the ground SO many times. Keaton commented that if he'd made all his foul shots, they would have won the game. Final score was 13-24

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Junior Jazz - Cooper's Crew

Coach: Stephanie Wimber
Dallas, Preston, Marc, Oha
Cooper, Jaxon, Tyler, Lukas, Kail

When it was time to sign up for Junior Jazz, I honestly didn't know what to do about Cooper. Last year he didn't seem interested in signing up, so I didn't ... when it got a little closer, he said he DID want to play, and luckily they were accepting late registrations. Cooper played and did great and became obsessed with basketball.

He had loved soccer too ... until the broken arm and the weather phobia Spring/Summer 2011. Fall soccer was rough, he didn't want to play, but I wanted him to try. Every game was a struggle and it was a relief when the season was over. Basketball didn't have the same issues (inside, out of the weather, he'd never been hurt while playing it) but still, he said he did NOT want to get signed up. As we've been dealing with his anxiety, I really felt getting out and playing once a week would be a good thing for him. I debated ... should I sign him up or not.

I decided to risk it and hope for the best. We signed up with friends so Cooper knew almost every kid on his team. The coach was the neighbor down the street. The games were played at his school gym. I really couldn't have asked for a better setup. As the first game approached, I tried to get Cooper excited, but every time I would bring it up he would cry and say he didn't want to play. The morning of the first game he cried for an hour ... Gray took him to the game and ... HE DID GREAT! He likes basketball and admits he's glad I signed him up. WHEW! It's been a good season!

You'll find a few videos with game highlights below ...

Colton's Crew - Junior Jazz 2012

Colton joined the ranks of the Blackham Basketball Boys the Junior Jazz season. We signed up with Bradley and Randon and Colton knew one or two other kids from school. Colton's games were in the mornings (before Cooper) at Columbia. Grayson attended more than I did (as I was usually at games for Callahan or Keaton). They had a lot of fun. As I didn't get to a lot of games to get video (and the one or two I did didn't provide us with many highlights) I made just one little muvee of the first game - Gray caught the action on his Iphone for me. Video is HERE.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AAU MLK Tournament

I wasn't sure any of the teams would be up for participating in the Martin Luther King tournament,  as there were JuniorJazz games and the High School Prep League games going on ... but Brian's team decided to give it a try. I knew the schedules would be pretty crazy, but Cole's family said they could help get Callahan to any game I couldn't and I did have to take them up on that. Callahan had FIVE games on Saturday (Jan14), and I had three (Callahan's, Keaton's and Cooper's) at 2:00, plus that's when Landon's ref shift started. But it all worked out. The boys seemed a bit off for games 1 and 3. I missed the second game, but they really came together for the final game! Click on the "Game#" text for a link to the video highlights ...

January 13, 2012 
West Jordan Jam v Riverton White
Win 33-24

Game 2 (no video)
January 14, 2012
West Jordan Jam v Vikings
Win (wasn't there, so not sure of the score)

January 14, 2012
West Jordan Jam v Lone Peak
Loss (35-48)

January 16, 2012
West Jordan Jam v Juan Diego
Win (69-33)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Callahan's Triple Play

Callahan plays basketball year round, but Winter is basketball season, with more opportunities to play. The original plan was to play on two teams ... his SuperleagueUtes and Klint'sJuniorJazz as we'd done for the past couple years. Then the Superleague fell through :( so it looked like it was just going to be one game a week. As the Fall season (playing in the 7th/8th league) had been pretty easy, we decided to play up in the 8th grade league for a little more challenge.

Then Callahan heard about tryouts for a competitive high school prep league at the local high school. He went and tried out and made the top team. Back to two games and multiple practices a week. *Ü*

When the Junior Jazz schedules came out, we were sad to see some conflicts between the two teams (12:00 and 2:00 being the popular times). Callahan wished he had just played 7th grade Junior Jazz ... those games were all in the mornings, and he had many friends on various teams he would have liked to play against. When the kids he played with during the Thanksgiving AAU tournament told us there was an open spot on their 7th grade team, Callahan jumped in there.

So, multiple practices, 2-3 games a week ... lots of basketball ... Callahan couldn't be happier!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Holiday Tournament

Porter, Luis, Parker, Brenden, Jared
Stockton, Bryson, Callahan

Right as basketball begins in full swing ... Christmas comes and there's a big break during the holidays. Not this year though, as we got to play in the AAU Holiday Tournament. It was the solid six that have played together for a while now, with two additions from Klint's CopperHills team. We had three games, starting the day after Christmas. One win, two losses, but a good experience and lots of video highlights ...

  • (Game 1) Kolby's family was in town and the entire Blackham Clan had all just gone out to dinner. For dessert, much of the extended family came to watch Callahan play (it was a 9:00 game). It was a great game for him to have such an audience as he got a lot of shots. It was a nail-biter too!
  • (Game 2) The opposing team (The Flash) had six boys that Callahan and Stockton had played with on the superleague for the past two years, so it was fun to see familiar faces. Another nail-biter!
  • (Game 3) We weren't expecting a tough game (as the opposing team had lost both their games so far) ... but a tough game is what the boys got! Callahan got banged up a bit too ...