Saturday, January 28, 2012

Junior Jazz - Cooper's Crew

Coach: Stephanie Wimber
Dallas, Preston, Marc, Oha
Cooper, Jaxon, Tyler, Lukas, Kail

When it was time to sign up for Junior Jazz, I honestly didn't know what to do about Cooper. Last year he didn't seem interested in signing up, so I didn't ... when it got a little closer, he said he DID want to play, and luckily they were accepting late registrations. Cooper played and did great and became obsessed with basketball.

He had loved soccer too ... until the broken arm and the weather phobia Spring/Summer 2011. Fall soccer was rough, he didn't want to play, but I wanted him to try. Every game was a struggle and it was a relief when the season was over. Basketball didn't have the same issues (inside, out of the weather, he'd never been hurt while playing it) but still, he said he did NOT want to get signed up. As we've been dealing with his anxiety, I really felt getting out and playing once a week would be a good thing for him. I debated ... should I sign him up or not.

I decided to risk it and hope for the best. We signed up with friends so Cooper knew almost every kid on his team. The coach was the neighbor down the street. The games were played at his school gym. I really couldn't have asked for a better setup. As the first game approached, I tried to get Cooper excited, but every time I would bring it up he would cry and say he didn't want to play. The morning of the first game he cried for an hour ... Gray took him to the game and ... HE DID GREAT! He likes basketball and admits he's glad I signed him up. WHEW! It's been a good season!

You'll find a few videos with game highlights below ...

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