Saturday, June 13, 2009

Callahan's Soccer Days

Before Callahan played basketball, he played soccer. I only have video of his kindergarten year. He was SO cute! He played for several years, ending on a competition team that conflicted with basketball ... so that was the end of soccer!

Kindergarten Callahan

Colton's Soccer Videos

Colton loves soccer too ... here are his videos, most recent at the top ...

The Green Monkeys - Fall 2011

The Blue Sharks - Fall 2011

The Pirahanas - Spring 2011
May 2011

April 2011

The Green Monkeys - Summer 2010

Cooper's Soccer

Cooper started playing soccer before kindergarten, and has continued each year ... so, starting in chronological order, here are some of his games/seasons ...

Spring 2009

Cooper was able to join up with an existing team in the West Jordan league ... they play Fall&Spring, but sometimes kids move or lose interest by the time the Spring seasons starts up again. A number of kids in the neighborhood were on the team (Megan, Ben and Riley. They were a year older in school, in kindergarten while Cooper was still in preschool, but in his class at church) , and the coach was Scott Gillette, a friend and neighbor. At this point in his life, Cooper was very shy and rarely left home. I was so happy to have this be a little social outlet which pushed him a bit out of his comfort zone. He loved practices and would even go with Scott when picked up for practice.

Fall 2009

In the Fall, Cooper wanted to try soccer again. We hadn't signed up with the West Jordan league (as those signups are SO early, in the preceeding spring ... it's hard to make a committment that far in advance). We did sign up with friends (Jaxon and Corbin) and it was good to have other parents around, as Keaton was also playing that season and they often had games at the same time. Mom would try to watch both, running inbetween the fields!

Spring 2010

We signed up with Gene Fullmer again for Spring. We got on the same team with Marc, who had been on the Fall team and was in Cooper's Kindergarten class. There were several other kids from the kindergarten class too, so that was fun.

Fall 2010

This year we had planned ahead and signed up with the West Jordan league with Cooper's good buddy Ridley. Cooper really blossomed this season, wanting to play the entire game and having a bit of a hard time when he had to take his turn sitting out. Unfortunately he missed the last game of the season as he broke his arm at school.

Spring 2011

Cooper was SO excited to start soccer up again! Brothers were playing basketball, so there were quite a few conflicts with game schedules, but Ridley's family said they could take Cooper as needed. It was a soggy, soggy spring, with lots of rain and snow and game cancelations ... but that didn't impact us that much because Cooper fell during the second game and broke his arm (again!) It was a bad break, the supervisors at the field even called an ambulance! I was glad I had been able to go to the first game and get some video to remember the season ...

Fall 2011 ... this was a tough season. Not only was Cooper afraid of breaking his arm again, but he had also developed a weather phobia over the summer. Getting him to any of the games was a struggle ... I got just a bit of video of the season.