Monday, February 6, 2012

Callahan - Copper Hills 2012

Ben, Ethan, Parker, Austin, Sam, Cody
Callahan, Brandon, Carson, Blake, Stockton
Coach: Jeff Price

The schools try to gather local athletes to form teams in preparation for high school play. There was a tryout and Callahan was thrilled to make the "A" team for the CopperHills Grizzlies. Some friends he'd played with before, and some new teammates (although he'd gotten to know most everyone prior to this team). The entire team goes to West Hills Middle School.

High School Prep League
Game 1 Loss 34-52 (v LonePeakGold) 
** Game 2 Win 52-38 (v Skyline) 
 Game 3 Loss 27-32 (v Richfield) 
Game 4 Loss 32-58 (v Alta Black) 
Game 5 Win 61-55 (v Juan Diego) 
Game 6 Win 40-19 (v Riverton) 
Game 7 Loss 25-53 (v Olympus)

Game 8 Win 48-20 (v Juan Diego)
Game 9 ... Loss 41-75 ( v Olympus)

** Games to watch Callahan in action

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