Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AAU MLK Tournament

I wasn't sure any of the teams would be up for participating in the Martin Luther King tournament,  as there were JuniorJazz games and the High School Prep League games going on ... but Brian's team decided to give it a try. I knew the schedules would be pretty crazy, but Cole's family said they could help get Callahan to any game I couldn't and I did have to take them up on that. Callahan had FIVE games on Saturday (Jan14), and I had three (Callahan's, Keaton's and Cooper's) at 2:00, plus that's when Landon's ref shift started. But it all worked out. The boys seemed a bit off for games 1 and 3. I missed the second game, but they really came together for the final game! Click on the "Game#" text for a link to the video highlights ...

January 13, 2012 
West Jordan Jam v Riverton White
Win 33-24

Game 2 (no video)
January 14, 2012
West Jordan Jam v Vikings
Win (wasn't there, so not sure of the score)

January 14, 2012
West Jordan Jam v Lone Peak
Loss (35-48)

January 16, 2012
West Jordan Jam v Juan Diego
Win (69-33)

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