Saturday, March 5, 2011

Junior Jazz - 6th Grade Team Division

Junior Jazz
6th Grade Team Division

This team has been together for almost a year now ... they took third in the spring, and back to back "titles" (first place) in summer and fall. Going into this winter season, we lost Mason and Cody, who had committed to other teams. Instead of replacing them, the team went into the season with just eight ... more playing time! Undefeated in the season!

December 18, 2010 (Game One) 6:00
A great game for Callahan, and Stockton (who made THREE three pointers!) The other team was good, but we beat them pretty easily. Callahan had 13 points and 7 assists.

January 8, 2011 (Game Two) 4:00
Another good game and an easy win. Jared really came out to play! Callahan had 11 points and 9 assists, close to a double double.

January 15, 2011 (Game Three) 4:00
Callahan had been looking forward to this game, as the other team had three good friends on it (Mason, Hunter and Cole). Those three did bring their team close enough to make it a little nerve wracking for our team, but we managed to get the win. One kid on the other team was a little overly physical with fouls, that made it a bit less fun. Joey was out with an injury. Callahan had a great game, 20 points and 6 assists.

January 22, 2011 (Game Four) 4:00
Our team was a little worried about this game and the other team's man-to-man defense, Klint even held a white board practice before the game to review some new plays. We got a pretty easy win. Still undefeated ... still missing Joey. EVERYone on the team got points today! Callahan had 17 points and 7 assists.

January 29, 2011 (Game Five) 6:00
Callahan's grandparents came out to see the game. The team seemed just a bit off at the start (Callahan had missed practice last night as we had family tickets to the Jazz game), but they soon got into their usual groove. An easy win. Callahan had 23 points and 8 assists (although I can't tell from the video half the time ... SOMEONE didn't do a very good job behind the camera, too close, too far, blurry ... come on!)

February 5, 2011 (Game Six) 3:00
We were missing Stockton (and this three pointers) today :( ... luckily, it was still an easy win for the team. Everyone on the team scored today. Callahan had 20 points and 9 assists.

February 12, 2011 (Game Seven) 3:00
A change in venue today. The game was played at West Jordan Middle School, which Callahan actually preferred over the divided court at CopperHills. The game before ran over by 20 minutes, so we started late. Landon was actually on ref duty there, and was on to ref this game (fully disclosed that his brother was on the team). It was an easy win. Callahan had 18 points and 9 assists. Undefeated in the season ... Championship game next week!

February 19, 2011 (Game Eight) 5:00
The Championship game, held at Gene Fullmer. Usually I jog the track during Gene Fullmer games, but as this was the BIG game, I said I'd make a video for Callahan, and he had quite a game (19 points), so I'm glad I did! We had beaten this team once before, but they are one of the better teams and they did keep it close and a bit nerve-wracking there near the end. But our boys did get the lead and kept it the entire game. Congrats on another 1st place win!