Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keaton Fall 2013

Keaton is on a new team with several of his West Hills buddies, and a few Sunset Ridge players as well. They are a short team ... Keaton is one of the taller players!  They are playing in the Salt Lake Superleague on Wednesday nights, and and the Dimple Dell Superleague on Saturdays as well.  There is probably NOT video highlights for losing games ... Keaton doesn't care about clips if they don't win, so I usually won't invest the time (even though the boys often did great, so many of the games were so close!) ** Games with video highlights are in all caps.

Salt Lake County Superleague
  • GAME 1. CH7 vs Utah Warriors (Loss) 23-45
  • GAME 2. CH7 vs PF Flyers (Win) 46-37
  • GAME 3. CH7 vs Murray Hoops (Win) 34-29
  • Game 4. CH7 vs Timpanogos (Loss) 42-43
  • Game 5. CH7 vs Utah Warriors (Loss) 17-60
  • Game 6. CH7 vs PF Flyers (Loss 30-51)
  • Game 7. CH7 vs A-Train (Loss 27-57)
Dimple Dell Superleague
  • GAME 1. CH7 vs Legends 6 (Loss) 37-45
  • GAME 2. CH7 vs Cavemen (Win) 42-38
  • Game 3. CH7 vs Leverage6th (Keaton missed this game ... Loss 49-50)
  • Game 4. CH7 vs Lone Peak (Loss) 39-41
  • Game 5. CH7 vs Leverage (Loss 38-55)

Callahan Fall 2013

It was one year ago that Callahan missed out on the Fall season(s) with a broken foot. Now, as a 9th grader, there aren't quite as many options. There is a Thursday night league (Salt Lake Superleague), so he is playing in that. There are so many talented 9th graders, that they are spread out over four different teams. Two are all West Hills 9th graders. One is a few 9th graders from Sunset along with some 10th graders, and then a couple of Callahan's friends are on another team as well. 

  • Game 1. CH9 vs A-Train Black. Win (30-28) September 19, 2013
  • Game 2. CH9 vs A-Train White. Win (48-41) September 26, 2013
  • Game 3. CH9 vs Olympus Titans. Loss (27-66) September 26, 2013
  • Game 4. CH9 vs CH9  ( Loss 36-40) October 3, 2013
  • Game 5. CH9 vs West Jordan (Win 40-31) October 10, 2013
  • Game 6. CH9 vs CH9/10 (Loss) October 24, 2013
  • Game 7. CH9 vs Pump N Run  (Win 27-34) November 7, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cooper & Crew

A couple years ago Cooper played Junior Jazz and he did great! Last year, he didn't want to play and he took the season off. As I was looking toward the Fall season, I thought I'd sign him up for the rec league at Gene Fullmer. He'd be at the top of the division (3rd/4th) and I figured it would be a good transition back into basketball. I didn't ask Cooper before I signed him up, as I knew he would say no. I hoped after a good game experience, he'd acclimate. When I first told him (a couple hours before the first practice) he was SO upset with me. He finally calmed down and went to practice but still said he did NOT want to play. I told him I needed him to play one game, then we would make a decision. If he really wanted to drop out, I would let him.

He played the first game and enjoyed it.
  • Game 1 (September 21) WIN
  • Game 2 (September 28 ) WIN ... four points
  • Game 3 (October 5) WIN ... six points
  • Game 4 (October 12) WIN ... four points
  • Game 5 (October 26) WIN ... four points
  • Game 6 (November 2) WIN ... 15 points
  • Game 7 (November 9) Win ... 14 points
  • Game 8 (November 16) Loss (dang it! *Ü*)