Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cooper & Crew

A couple years ago Cooper played Junior Jazz and he did great! Last year, he didn't want to play and he took the season off. As I was looking toward the Fall season, I thought I'd sign him up for the rec league at Gene Fullmer. He'd be at the top of the division (3rd/4th) and I figured it would be a good transition back into basketball. I didn't ask Cooper before I signed him up, as I knew he would say no. I hoped after a good game experience, he'd acclimate. When I first told him (a couple hours before the first practice) he was SO upset with me. He finally calmed down and went to practice but still said he did NOT want to play. I told him I needed him to play one game, then we would make a decision. If he really wanted to drop out, I would let him.

He played the first game and enjoyed it.
  • Game 1 (September 21) WIN
  • Game 2 (September 28 ) WIN ... four points
  • Game 3 (October 5) WIN ... six points
  • Game 4 (October 12) WIN ... four points
  • Game 5 (October 26) WIN ... four points
  • Game 6 (November 2) WIN ... 15 points
  • Game 7 (November 9) Win ... 14 points
  • Game 8 (November 16) Loss (dang it! *Ü*)

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