Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Keaton Fall 2013

Keaton is on a new team with several of his West Hills buddies, and a few Sunset Ridge players as well. They are a short team ... Keaton is one of the taller players!  They are playing in the Salt Lake Superleague on Wednesday nights, and and the Dimple Dell Superleague on Saturdays as well.  There is probably NOT video highlights for losing games ... Keaton doesn't care about clips if they don't win, so I usually won't invest the time (even though the boys often did great, so many of the games were so close!) ** Games with video highlights are in all caps.

Salt Lake County Superleague
  • GAME 1. CH7 vs Utah Warriors (Loss) 23-45
  • GAME 2. CH7 vs PF Flyers (Win) 46-37
  • GAME 3. CH7 vs Murray Hoops (Win) 34-29
  • Game 4. CH7 vs Timpanogos (Loss) 42-43
  • Game 5. CH7 vs Utah Warriors (Loss) 17-60
  • Game 6. CH7 vs PF Flyers (Loss 30-51)
  • Game 7. CH7 vs A-Train (Loss 27-57)
Dimple Dell Superleague
  • GAME 1. CH7 vs Legends 6 (Loss) 37-45
  • GAME 2. CH7 vs Cavemen (Win) 42-38
  • Game 3. CH7 vs Leverage6th (Keaton missed this game ... Loss 49-50)
  • Game 4. CH7 vs Lone Peak (Loss) 39-41
  • Game 5. CH7 vs Leverage (Loss 38-55)

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