Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cooper Junior Jazz (4th Grade)

Last Fall, I signed Cooper up for basketball without telling him ... and he was MAD at me. After a rocky start, he really enjoyed that season, and it was a good experience. Several of the players were continuing on to Junior Jazz and asked Cooper to be on the team. So we signed up.  Cooper was nervous about the "new" team, as there were several new kids. It just wasn't gelling the same, he wasn't getting the passes, the playing time, the scoring. He didn't care for the "kid" refs that he felt didn't call everything (he worries about getting hurt). He played the first few games, then as the season hit it's holiday hiatus ... he didn't want to go back. We only hit a couple of the remaining games.

Here's Cooper's videos (all from the first part of the season, December 2013) ...

Game 1      Game 2      Game 3

Team Picture

Cooper did go to his last game ... 
he didn't really want to but I "encouraged" him to. 
I like closure, and he needed to pick up his pictures and trophy.

Thus ends this season of Junior Jazz. Cooper says he does NOT want to play on a team anymore, and I don't think I'll be pushing him. It's too bad, as he certainly has the talent. 

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