Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Fling AAU

The Copper Hills team signed up for the AAU Spring Fling, but as it's also baseball season, they have been missing Blake, Brandon and Sam from some games ... No videos yet, between some TOUGH teams and me not being able to make some of the games (the winning games no less), there aren't that many highlights to work with! Might just make a combo video ... if I get around to it!

  • Game1: Copper Hills v South Valley. This game was held at Cottonwood High School, my alma mater! It was fun to go back there. The game was in the auxiliary gym, and I have to say during my three years at the school, I had never stepped foot in it. I didn't even know it was there! While this was a game we could have won, we didn't. 24-39.
  • Game2: Copper Hills v Morgan: I didn't go to this game as I had a soccer game with Colton. Gray stopped by on the way home from work. It was a good game, and an easy win for the boys. Not sure of the exact score ... hubby said they won by 12.
  • Game3: Copper Hills v Lone Peak: Just a bit of an off game. Loss 23-46
  • Game4: Copper Hills v Lehi: Wow, these guys were big and good and they demolished our boys! Loss 18-76. Ouch!
  • Game 5: Copper Hills v Blaze: After the last game, this was a nice break. An easy win. (I didn't go to see or get video).
  • Game 6: Coppers Hills v SL Prospects: We knew this would be a tough game. This team is consistently a leader in the AAU. While the team lost, Callahan actually had a good game with 18 or so points. I didn't go though, so no video.
  • Game 7: Copper Hills v Toros: We didn't have Sam, Brandon or Blake. Callahan and Parker had just come from another game and were tired, not that it would have made that much of a difference, as this was another one of the top teams. Loss 29-69.
  • Game 8: Copper Hills v Blaze: We played this team earlier in the season and won, and again it was an easy win. I did get video and hopefully will get that up soon (this text will be removed and a link added when that happens :) Win 58-35.
  • Game 9: Copper Hills vs Lone Peak: Similar to the first time we faced this team ... our boys were really off the first half ... did manage to come back the second, but not enough. Loss 23-38. That eliminated our team and ended our Spring season.

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