Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hoop Highlights (Keaton's Crew) Spring

Gene Fullmer Spring 2011
Keaton has played Junior Jazz for the past few years, but decided he wanted MORE basketball, so he signed up for Spring season, joining a coach and his son that Callahan had played with (and against). It was a good little team, 7-1 for the season. Here are the highlights (most recent at the top).

May 21, 2011 (Game 8)
A slow game, especially in the first half. Neither team could get the ball in the basket. Our team finally snapped out of it for the second half ... but it's a shorter video than usual *Ü*

May 15, 2011 (Game 7)
... another easy win ... I received a new video camera for Mother's Day, this was my first time using it. It makes it easier to zoom in and zoom back out :) Hopefully, I was able to get more/better video. I don't think I missed any shots today.

May 07, 2011 (Game 6)
Happy to be at this game, as there was a possible conflict with a scouting activity ... easy win for the team. I missed the first basket (by Max) and a steal/layup (by Keaton) in the second half.

April 30, 2011 (Game 5)
The game started off pretty even, the our team pulled ahead and stayed there for the rest of the game. Lots of nice shots from our boys! Keaton got a couple great steals (I often don't get the defensive plays on video) and turned them into fast break layups. Nice win!

April 16, 2011 (Game 4)
We had Callahan's game right before, I barely got there to catch the start of the game. It was a pretty easy win for the boys.

April 9, 2011 (Game 3)
Cold and snowy day ... all outside sports were cancelled, but BASKETBALL plays on! If you see a familiar face on the side, Callahan's coach was the coach for the opposing team (he is coaching four different teams!) It was a pretty good match, but our team was victorious.

April 2, 2011 (Game 2)
Dad took Keaton to the game today (and took the video with his Iphone), as Mom was busy at Callahan's game, which was at the same time. Keaton did great and the team won.

March 26, 2011 (Game 1)
The opposing team is probably the toughest our kids will have to face this season. We lost the game, but kept it close. The video is just a few quick clips of Keaton.

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