Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Superleagues with Keaton

It's been a great Fall season for Keaton, shifting from recreational ball to competitive play. I think he's the only one on the team who hasn't played competitively before. He's doing great and I'm very proud of him! The team is playing in two different leagues. The Salt Lake County Superleague (which plays on Wednesday nights) and the Dimple Dell Superleague (which plays on Saturdays). With Callahan out of commission, I've been able to attend all of Keaton's games and make muvees. Just move the mouse over the team names to find the link to the video highlights *Ü*

Salt Lake County Superleague (see schedule and standings HERE)  5th/6th Grade Division

Dimple Dell Superleague (see schedule and standings HERE) 6th/7th (lower) Division

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