Saturday, March 4, 2017

Callahan - Varsity!

Callahan's senior year! Varsity! There are seven seniors ... Ben, Callahan, Parker, Stockton, Sam, Rowland and Daxton (Mason decided not to play this year, Trevon is a sophomore). 

One of the best things ...
Callahan is now #2
Being second born, he's always been my #2 ... as I refer to my children numerically.

So, here's the schedule.

If you want to keep up with the Blackham basketball boys on social media, I keep a Facebook  (JenB-BasketballMom) as well as Instagram and Twitter ... there I include info about upcoming games, post pictures, share video highlights and shout out scores. Subscribe to my BasketballCalYouTube channel for video clips or to catch up on past games.

Here's a link to the Copper Hills Varsity Season highlights.

We also had some people taking professional pictures.
I'd make Cal Collages with my favorites!

They had a perfect season at home. First time beating Bingham on our home turf in years! Other than a loss to Bingham on their court, the boys won the away games too. This put them at the top spot in Region #3. Well, shared with Bingham (same record, only losing to us the one time). 

Region Champs!

Then it was on to the State Playoffs! The first game was up at the University of Utah, and Dad, Landon and Colton (as well as Maga, Clay and cousin Sammy) went to watch. As it was being streamed live, Mommy opted to watch from home. The live stream was continued, as the games moved further to Weber University. Dad still hit them live. Unfortunately, Copper Hills lost the coin flip and entered the playoffs as the second seed, which was a slightly more difficult route to the playoffs. They won the first game against Weber. The quarter final game against Layton, then lost in the semi-finals to Lone Peak. Bingham and Lone Peak played for the championship and Bingham won it. In the playoffs, it's hard as for all the teams but one, our seniors leave on a loss. High school basketball is now over. What will Callahan (and Mommy) do ...

A couple more Cal Collages from the playoffs ...

I'm not sure if this link will stay active forever - but here's all the Cal photos.

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