Saturday, February 18, 2017

Keaton - Sophomore Season

Tryouts for the high school sophomore team were the second week of November. Keaton was pretty nervous, and was glad he made the cut. There was quite a bit of competition. Seven sophomores, five freshmen. Twelve total. 

He's #3 ... which thrills his mommy (because he's child #3 and she refers to her children numerically quite often).

The boys in blue ... (when away)
While JV and Varsity practice together, sophomores have their own time, so I am back to picking him up from school on B days (A days, practice is right after school), and then running him to and from practice. 

Keaton Clips ...
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Highlights of Keaton's games may be a little more hit and miss ... he doesn't seem to care if I make highlight reels (and it's a lot of work if he doesn't care) and at times he's specifically asked me NOT to video or take pictures.  He also didn't get a lot of playing time in the pre-season, and I do tend to like to make videos that feature MY kid ;)   I'm very glad I went to the final preseason game against Hunter, because it was a great win! (Instagram Keaton clips above, full highlights HERE).

Here's the Sophomore Season playlist.

... and a couple Keaton Collages.

Dropbox photos of the Sophomore season!

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