Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Callahan - Sophomore Year

It was finally time. Tryouts for the high school basketball team. Even though we were pretty sure Callahan would make the team, we were still nervous. HE was SO nervous! His dream since he was in 3rd grade came true. He made the team!

I knew being on the team also required a bit from the parents. There were the normal fees of course, and then the required "volunteering" for the snack bar, team dinners, lunches, donations and ticket sales. There were tons of practices for Callahan, and then of course, there were the games ...

Thanks to his former coach (Mike Heagren) for all the great photos! You can see more here. I didn't get video of every game, but I made a few. You can check out Callahan in action here (Callahan's Sophomore Year).  The highlight of the year will be this play, made in the final seconds of the game against rival Bingham ...

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