Saturday, March 7, 2015

Keaton - Up with the 9th Graders

During Keaton's 8th grade year, he not only played basketball with the Copper Hills Prep league, but also with the West Hills school team. The official team is all 9th graders, but then Coach Heagren taps a few younger players to come practice with the team, and augment it for the Thursday night league (when the boys split into two teams to allow for more playing time). 

There were many practices after school, and early on Friday mornings. Games were Thursday nights ... the same night as my Zumba class. I didn't make it to that many games, especially after Keaton's buddy Tyler joined the team and his parents were always willing to give Keaton a ride. So ... not much video footage. You can see a small clip (HERE) ... and Keaton did score as I had my camera out!

Keaton went to watch almost all the Saturday games the 9th graders played in the official district league. Always there, cheering them on (he didn't even come to Callahan's games as often when Cal was on the team last year!) They were able to win the tournament, and the BIG trophy! Even though Keaton didn't play in the Saturday games, he still got a t-shirt with the rest of the team.

Good luck to these guys as they try out for the sophomore team next year. I know Keaton sure had a good time getting to know them and having the opportunity to play along side them this year. 

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