Thursday, November 20, 2014

Keaton - Fall Season 8th Grade

Summer ends, school starts ... and it's back to basketball! Keaton played with the Copper Hills Youth Basketball team again. This year, Coach Allfrey was in charge of both 8th grade teams, and they were practicing together at the high school. They played in the Wednesday night Salt Lake Superleague to prepare for the real basketball season coming up.

James was on the team, but he was the only one Keaton had played with before. I got to know Bradley, Dawson, Brenner and Nathan. Mitchell and Brayden were also on the team but then didn't completely finish out the season.

This season was great, in that all the games were at the same location. I would have liked it a little closer, but Eisenhower Jr. wasn't too far out of my comfort zone anyway. It was nice not having to find new schools each week. I like consistency.

The boys had quite a few wins this season, and I did video most of the games. I just never got around to making them into muvee highlight reels as Keaton just didn't seem to care much. I did do one game anyway, the first one. You can catch it here.

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