Monday, November 10, 2014

Catching Up With Callahan

When the Spring season ended ... what IS a basketball boy to do? Luckily, there was still some basketball going on. In fact, there was a trip down to St. George, where the boys played in a tournament at Dixie.

Callahan had gone to Idaho with his team his 9th grade year and LOVED it. He hadn't done Dixie last year, as he had committed to a church activity during the same dates. But THIS year ... nothing, including the fairly high price tag was going to keep him from participating. You can see in the picture, he could NOT contain his smile or his excitement as he left for a few days of basketball and buddies 24/7 ...

As for SUMMER, Callahan and several friends purchased a three month pass to Gene Fullmer and spent hours during the days hanging out and playing basketball. They would also play at local churches, if someone was able to get the keys to let them in. 

In the FALL, Callahan and most of the other basketball team hopefuls participating in a training program at the high school. There would be time in the gym, running, weights. Callahan was lucky enough to slip into the 4th period basketball class too (reserved for the basketball team members) and that was a lot of running and conditioning (as league restrictions don't allow them to actually play basketball prior to the season starting).  Callahan and the gang he played with in the spring also played in the SLC Superleague for Fall. All prepping for ... 

Basketball Tryouts!
It's here!

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