Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Colton's Summer Wolves

No downtime for these boys! The Wolves played on into the summer. There was a pretty big break there though, all of June was off, most of July too.  We were playing in the Dimple Dell Superleague. As school had finished up in May, we'd technically moved up a grade, now playing 6th grade (Colton will be in 5th). No upper/lower divisions here, and this was a challenge, facing some really talented teams. We only managed one win, but got some good experience. 

Here's Highlights ...

I MUCH preferred playing at the Dimple Dell Rec center this season, unlike last Fall, where they scheduled us up at Butler Middle School. There were nine teams, and only five season games. We didn't get to play all the teams, and happened to hit all the hardest ones (and had to play Future twice). Practices were still Friday evenings at SLCC. On to Fall ...

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