Sunday, March 27, 2016

Colton - 4th Grade Grizzlies

After our Fall League experience (playing in the rec 3rd/4th division and dominating every game) we decided to try the boys in a superleague. 4th grade division, as Colton and a few of the other boys were 4th graders (the rest were in 3rd, with Austin still in 2nd). Coach decided on the Murray Topflight League.

The games were Thursday nights ... often late (8:00 or 9:00 on a school night!) and this league had divisions (upper/lower) and yikes! This was the SUPERleague! These teams were good! And the competitiveness was high. Waiting for our first game, a yelling match ensued between coaches/refs and even parents until the game was called and people were ejected. It was a little intimidating.

The schedule ...
  • January 7 - Elite
  • January 14 - Hoosiers
  • January 21 - Murray
  • January 28 - Cyprus
  • February 4 - Titans
  • February 18 - Olympus
Only one win in the regular season (right in the middle, vs Murray). In the playoffs, we faced Murray again (and won again) and advanced. Unfortunately, the next playoff game conflicted with our Junior Jazz Tournament game. Our boys were winning, when five of them had to take off to the other game, leaving just four players to attempt to hold the score (they weren't able to). So that was the end of the Murray league.

Here's the highlights from the regular season ...

 ... and here's the first playoff game (a win!)

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