Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Colton - Junior Jazz

Colton was super excited to sign up for Junior Jazz again. He really enjoys basketball and while there are competitive options out there, Junior Jazz is the main option available for these younger kids.  We signed up with his buddy Randon, and Randon's dad was the coach again (same as last year). Colton's friend Garren also signed up on their team.

In this age group, they don't have a separate practice session, but spend the first 15 minutes in drills, and then play the game. All of Colton's games were at the Gene Fullmer Rec Center, which has a jogging track up above the court. I like to get in double duty, walking and watching ... but I can't do that and video at the same time. I compromised. I jogged the track during the practice sessions, and when Colton was on the bench. When he was playing, I'd run down and man the video camera.  I made two muvees, the first short one is from a single game, and the second (longer one) is a compilation from several games.  

Colton is such a cutie!
I love watching him play.

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