Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wolves in Autumn

New Uniforms. Back to Black.

With the turning colors of the leaves in Autumn, the Wolves changed their colors too. New uniforms. Similar style, but bigger (these boys grow!) and in black, with a shooting shirt to match. Looking good Wolves!

Looking toward leagues for the Fall, Gene Fullmer is nice and close. There is a mid-week league through Salt Lake County, and Dimple Dell was also one we were considering. Then a new league in Lehi was looking to add a few more teams and offered some enticements to join them. The decision was to try Gene Fullmer and Lehi for Fall ... double games most Saturdays.

The Lehi league started up first ... it's a long drive. I don't do freeways. Colton and I have had to catch rides to these Lehi games. Held at the Karl Malone Training Center, I'll admit I was hoping for a little more from the facility (from a basketball mom spectator standpoint). They have three courts mashed into one room. Family and friends watching are sitting on the sideline. ON it. There really isn't room to move around, which doesn't stop children from running and playing (I wish those in charge would keep things under control a bit better). While they've been great working with our coach as far as scheduling (to avoid conflicts with our other league) as a parent, it's been frustrating to not have any online schedule or stats posted. We are only notified of game time a day or two before, have no idea who we are playing, or where we stand. Almost every other league now uses "quick scores" or some other online tracker, so I guess I've been spoiled. The games themselves ... so far they've all been quite close and competitive. A good challenge for our boys. Because of the drive, I've just sent Colton to a couple games, so I don't have highlights for every game.

Lehi Highlights 

The Gene Fullmer games started the week after Lehi. We had thought they were doing an upper and lower division, as there were 12 teams, but pre-tournament they just randomly matched teams. Unfortunately ... there is quite a mismatch in this league. Our first game was an easy blowout win. The next two games were against tough teams, we suffered blowout losses. What happens when those teams play that first team? Yikes! It fun (but doesn't help you improve much) to play lesser teams, and while you still can learn from playing much better teams ... it's a little tough to keep the chin up.