Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Stuff for Keaton and Cal

 Summer means basketball camps! 
June was busy, with Dixie, the U camp and Copper Hills High School camp...
Dixie is a favorite with the boys. A week long camp, hanging out with basketball buddies 24/7 and getting some games in. Originally, we had a family vacation planned at the same time. Callahan still committed to the Dixie camp, but Dad wanted Keaton on the vacation. At the last minute, we had to back out of our Seattle plans, and happily Keaton was able to squeeze in a spot still. So both boys were off one early morning ... begrudgingly posing for a picture.

Sophomores in the Sun

Both boys had a blast and came home with the annual t-shirt.

Callahan and crew earned a second t-shirt for taking the 2-min tournament!

I had a text conversation with the coach that first night there. Callahan had been struck hard in the face, a cut just above his lip that went all the way through. There was some question as to whether it needed stitches ... Callahan just opted for some superglue.

I was hoping for a few more pictures documenting their days ... 
Keaton took ONE for me at least, on the bus ride home.

The Utes Basketball Camp is held at the University grounds. This one always stresses me out a bit, because I don't drive downtown, so it's a little hard to commit to getting my kid there. Teams weren't announced, so was couldn't plan carpools (Callahan can drive now, but even he was getting rides and couldn't commit to taking Keaton, even if their schedules would have lined up). Luckily it worked out with Keaton getting on a team with some friends that I felt comfortable with imposing (the ride to/from and hanging with, as it's an all day activity). I really would have liked to go watch and video some of the games ... but not enough to actually go downtown myself.

At least the Grizzly camp was nice and close to home, just over at the high school. It was nice that Keaton's age group was combined with Callahan's (10-12th together) so that I didn't have to provide chauffeur services. Skills and drills and teamwork ... prep for making the team come Fall.

All this took place in June ... July felt a little bereft of basketball!