Friday, May 20, 2016

Spring Ball for Keaton&Cal

Callahan &Co continued to play in the Spring season. They had several games in April and May. I went to all I could (the close ones) and got video, but didn't get around to making the highlight reels for most of them. Here's one ...

Keaton had broken his wrist in the early spring (playing basketball in gym class at school). He'd been asked to be on the all-star team for state, reunited with all his best buds, and was crushed when he wasn't able to play. The cast came off right as the Spring season started up. He got bumped to the B team, which was disappointing (and a lot harder to find carpools for game conflicts) but he made the best of it ... even though they got pretty trounced! They did the Spring Fling (AAU, games all over) and the Spring Slam (at CHHS).

Keaton didn't even want me to video his games ... so I didn't. Mostly. I had my camera in my purse one game where he did SO awesome, I felt bad I hadn't been filming I brought the video camera to another game, and again, Keaton did great, so he was grudgingly pleased to have it captured on film 

We were both quite relieved when the Spring season was over though.

 Things could get a little crazy ... some Saturday schedules looked like this!

 In addition to playing, the boys would also run clocks and keep stats.

I'd discovered audiobooks during this time, so me with  my headphones on was a common sight at all the games. I could video, watch, and listen to my book all at the same time! Talk about multi-tasking, right? We even got Maga and Colton out to come watch (Keaton was there for many of Cal's games).

Spring has sprung and now is done ... on to Summer!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Colton - Spring Wolves

Spring Season is here! We lost one player from our winter team (Max rejoined his former team "The Scorpions" who we will play against) and so we added Issac. That's right. ANOTHER Issac. We already had two on the team ... now we have three! With 10 players, Coach Farmer generally plays the boys in sets of five. Colton, Gage, Isiah, Kiony, Gordon are one set, and the other is the Issacs and Collins (we have two Collins too!). 

Practices are still Friday nights, 6:30-8:30 at SLCC. Again, a HUGE thanks to the Berlin family for letting Colton catch rides! We are playing in two spring leagues, a Saturday Superleague  with Gene Fullmer (schedule/stats), and a Tuesday one with Murray Parks and Rec (schedule/stats).

You can catch all the highlights ...
Games 1&2
Games 3&4
Game 5 (Rebels)
Game 6 (Grizzlies)
Game 7 (Scorpions)

... and the Murray Games
Two games each week, always against the same teams. A-train and Future

April 4
April 12
May 3
May 10

A video posted by BlackhamBall (@blackhamball) on

After the regular season, there were playoffs ... we played the Grizzlies again, and then ... a rematch against Mayhem. We'd already played them twice (games 3&4) ... lost one, won one. The boys really wanted to win the championship, but it wasn't meant to be. Mayhem came out strong, and our boys could NOT get a shot to drop the entire first quarter. Finally, got some baskets and got close enough to make the end exciting, but couldn't clinch it.

Sometimes I think we need to take a picture BEFORE the final game (we can always take another "#1" one after if they win) ... the boys, especially Colton, were having a bit of a hard time smiling after the loss. On to Summer at Dimple Dell!