Saturday, February 27, 2016

Colton - Winter Wolves

Colton reconnected with his coach and several teammates from his Spring and Summer seasons, and rejoined them for a Superleague team this Winter. They played in two different leagues. The Salt Lake Superleague which played on Wednesday evenings, and then in the Dimple Dell League on Saturdays. They practiced a couple of hours on Friday nights at Salt Lake Community College. 

It was a good season.
We were pretty much in the middle of the pack in both leagues. 
We won some and lost some. 

I didn't get video of all the games ... with other boys in basketball, there were some conflicts, and I had to send Colton with teammates a few times (thank you SO much to Collin's family for helping me out with carpools to games and practices). Here are links to the videos I did get ...