Friday, December 9, 2016

Callahan - Varsity!

Callahan's senior year! Varsity! There are seven seniors ... Ben, Callahan, Parker, Stockton, Sam, Rowland and Daxton (Mason decided not to play this year, Trevon is a sophomore). 

One of the best things ...
Callahan is now #2
Being second born, he's always been my #2 ... as I refer to my children numerically.

So, here's the schedule.

If you want to keep up with the Blackham basketball boys on social media, I keep a Facebook  (JenB-BasketballMom) as well as Instagram and Twitter ... there I include info about upcoming games, post pictures, share video highlights and shout out scores. Subscribe to my BasketballCalYouTube channel for video clips or to catch up on past games.

Here's a link to the Copper Hills Varsity Season highlights.

We also had some people taking professional pictures.
I'd make Cal Collages with my favorites!

They had a perfect season at home. First time beating Bingham on our home turf in years! Other than a loss to Bingham on their court, the boys won the away games too. This put them at the top spot in Region #3. Well, shared with Bingham (same record, only losing to us the one time). 

Region Champs!

Then it was on to the State Playoffs! The first game was up at the University of Utah, and Dad, Landon and Colton (as well as Maga, Clay and cousin Sammy) went to watch. As it was being streamed live, Mommy opted to watch from home. The live stream was continued, as the games moved further to Weber University. Dad still hit them live. Unfortunately, Copper Hills lost the coin flip and entered the playoffs as the second seed, which was a slightly more difficult route to the playoffs. They won the first game against Weber. The quarter final game against Layton, then lost in the semi-finals to Lone Peak. Bingham and Lone Peak played for the championship and Bingham won it. In the playoffs, it's hard as for all the teams but one, our seniors leave on a loss. High school basketball is now over. What will Callahan (and Mommy) do ...

A couple more Cal Collages from the playoffs ...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Keaton - Sophomore Season

Tryouts for the high school sophomore team were the second week of November. Keaton was pretty nervous, and was glad he made the cut. There was quite a bit of competition. Seven sophomores, five freshmen. Twelve total. 

He's #3 ... which thrills his mommy (because he's child #3 and she refers to her children numerically quite often).

The boys in blue ... (when away)
While JV and Varsity practice together, sophomores have their own time, so I am back to picking him up from school on B days (A days, practice is right after school), and then running him to and from practice. 

Keaton Clips ...
A video posted by BlackhamBall (@blackhamball) on

Highlights of Keaton's games may be a little more hit and miss ... he doesn't seem to care if I make highlight reels (and it's a lot of work if he doesn't care) and at times he's specifically asked me NOT to video or take pictures.  He also didn't get a lot of playing time in the pre-season, and I do tend to like to make videos that feature MY kid ;)   I'm very glad I went to the final preseason game against Hunter, because it was a great win! (Instagram Keaton clips above, full highlights HERE).

Here's the Sophomore Season playlist.

... and a couple Keaton Collages.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Colton and the Winter Wolves (6thGrade)

Colton and the Wolves are continuing to play during the official basketball season. Winter Wolves! They are participating in two leagues, the Dimple Dell Superleague (middle division) and the Murray TopFlight League

Dimple Dell 6th Grade Saturday Superleague
  • Game 1. December 3, 2016.Wolves vs SLC Future
  • Game 2. December 10, 2016. Wolves vs Skyridge
  • Game 3. December 17, 2016. Wolves vs South Valley Legends 
  • Game 4. January 7, 2017. Wolves vs Lehi
  • Game 5. January 28, 2017. Wolves vs East
  • Game 6. January 28, 2017. Wolves vs Bengals
  • Game 7. February 4, 2017. Wolves vs Dash
  • Playoff Game 1. February 11, 2017. Wolves vs Lehi
  • Playoff Game 2. February 25, 2017. Wolves vs Sonics
Murray TopFlight Tuesday League

With Colton playing on two teams, both playing in a Saturday league, I was concerned about game conflicts. Happily, HE didn't have any (I had some, when Colton's team and Cooper's team would play at the same time). On Tuesday nights, the high school had their games, and I was afraid I'd miss most of Colton's Murray games, but again, we lucked out with late games (9:00 start), which I usually hate, but was happy with here, because then I could still come after Callahan's game finished up. 

We also played in Dimple Dell's Christmas Tournament 

New Uniforms too ...

Cooper's Comeback (7th Grade)

While you can't find a bigger fan (he knows all the stats, watches all the games) and he's got the skills, Cooper has struggled a bit actually playing on a team in a competitive setting. Even rec ball and Junior Jazz proved to be a bit too intense (he bailed on his season back in 4th grade, didn't play 5th, then couldn't quite finish the season in 6th). I was honestly surprised when he said he wanted to play again this year ... and he says he's ready and committed.

Coming in with a group of friends (basically the same team as 6th grade, although they haven't practiced or played together since the season ended last year), they are playing in the "team/experienced" division, so I hope it's not too hard (competitive teams SHOULD be playing in leagues other than Junior Jazz, but it's not always the case). All their games are  close  (Joel P.) 

and will also include a list and some highlights here.

A video posted by BlackhamBall (@blackhamball) on

It was a successful season! I had been a bit worried going in. This was the "Team Division" not the regular rec Junior Jazz. I was worried that there might be some superleague teams, good players and teams who had been working together for a while. Our boys were just a group of school buddies and hadn't played together since last year. But ... I think that was the case with all the teams (superleague teams had gone to the superleagues, as it should be). Our boys won all but one game. 7-1 for the season. Poor Ryan broke his ankle halfway through the season and was out (but still came and cheered). Cooper got a little extra playing time filling in (as Ryan was also point guard) so Cooper often managed 20 points in the final few games. Pretty impressive!
I only caught half of Cooper's final (8th) game. We had back-to-back games that day, with Colton playing before at Eastmont. On a previous back-to-back day (Cooper first) I'd sent Colton with teammates and hadn't even planned on attempting the trek (it was at Indian Hills, a little further away). But then Cooper's game wrapped up so quick that I quickly arranged for a teammate to give him a ride home and booked it the moment the final buzzer buzzed. While I missed a couple minutes, I really hadn't missed much. I had HOPED this day would be the same ... had arranged for Cooper to get a ride to his game with a teammate and told Colton's coach we'd be rushing right after. It didn't work out well ... I missed the entire first half. Here's the highlights from the second half ...

The boys got together a few times to play ball on their own too.
I'm so grateful to this group of friends Cooper has!

Grizzlies Go Green

Basketball Season 2016-2017
Colton & his Grizzlies (5th Grade)
New uniforms for the Colton and his crew. 
Don't they look awesome?!

The 5th grade Grizzlies are playing in the Bantam League. This league is generally for school teams, within a school boundary (unlike some of the top competitive teams that pick the best players from across the valley). I'm not sure if there wasn't enough interest at this level to field a 5th grade division, because there are a couple non-school teams, and we have to play the same teams twice. LOVE that all the games are so close to home, though (once at WJ, all others at CHHS). We didn't have any official practices (hard to find a gym) but had a few at a church throughout the season. 

I keep a playlist of Colton's games, but as it showcases ALL his games,  I'll include a list of just this season there as well. 

Good Job Grizzlies!