Sunday, June 30, 2013

Catching Up with Callahan

Well ... Callahan's basketball season was MUCH different than we'd expected with the TWO breaks. It wasn't until April that he got the go ahead to play again. His team had played in the AAU State Tournament, the AAU Spring Fling and in the Dimple Dell Spring league. Callahan did get in a couple of games at the very end of the Dimple Dell season. 

We signed Callahan up for the University of Utah Basketball Tournament June 13-15. They played several games and just had a ton of fun hanging out together all day. Then there was the CHHS camp (June 17-20) and he really enjoyed that too. A bunch of the boys went to a tournament in St. George at the end of June, but Callahan had youth conference that same time and had already committed to that.

Callahan is planning on buying a summer pass to the local rec center and spending many days there during the summer getting back into the game!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Catching Up With Keaton

After Winter Season, the team (part of it anyway) entered the State AAU tournament. Missing some players and facing some harder teams, they were eliminated early. The boys (with our players returning, plus a couple others) then played in the Spring Season at Dimple Dell. They only lost one game during the regular season, and ended up taking first place!

New T-shirts for the Champs!