Friday, February 17, 2012

Church Ball 2012

Last year, Callahan didn't turn 12 until February, but he still played some churchball because he simply could NOT wait. This year, he is officially on the team with the other deacons and teachers in the Jordan Oaks 1st ward. There are only two other teams ... 3rd/4th wards combined, and 5th ward. So they are only playing the same two teams over and over, but depending on who shows up, the games can really change from week to week.

*Game 1 (January14) 1 v 3/4 (just a scrimmage)
Game 2 (Feb 3) 1 v 5 (Win ... but no video)
Game 3 (Feb 3) 1 v 3/4 (Loss ... Callahan had to leave early for practice)
*Game 4 (Feb 4) 1 v 3/4 (Win ... Callahan STAYED this time)
*Game 5 (Feb 10) 1 v 5 (Win)
Game 6 (Feb 16) 1 v 5 (Win ... Callahan had to leave early for practice)

Next up ... Region ...

I'll take the video from the two incomplete games I have and post it here when it's done ...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Callahan - Copper Hills 2012

Ben, Ethan, Parker, Austin, Sam, Cody
Callahan, Brandon, Carson, Blake, Stockton
Coach: Jeff Price

The schools try to gather local athletes to form teams in preparation for high school play. There was a tryout and Callahan was thrilled to make the "A" team for the CopperHills Grizzlies. Some friends he'd played with before, and some new teammates (although he'd gotten to know most everyone prior to this team). The entire team goes to West Hills Middle School.

High School Prep League
Game 1 Loss 34-52 (v LonePeakGold) 
** Game 2 Win 52-38 (v Skyline) 
 Game 3 Loss 27-32 (v Richfield) 
Game 4 Loss 32-58 (v Alta Black) 
Game 5 Win 61-55 (v Juan Diego) 
Game 6 Win 40-19 (v Riverton) 
Game 7 Loss 25-53 (v Olympus)

Game 8 Win 48-20 (v Juan Diego)
Game 9 ... Loss 41-75 ( v Olympus)

** Games to watch Callahan in action

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Callahan - Junior Jazz 2012 (7th)

Rowland, Brian, Stephan, Hunter, Joey
Troy, Cole, Nate, Callahan, Mason
Coach: Brian Allfrey

After the schedules came out, Callahan was a bit bummed he wasn't playing in the 7th grade league, because he had friends on almost every team. Callahan had played with Brian's team a couple of times in tournaments, and they had an open spot on the team. As the games didn't conflict with any of his other games, Callahan went ahead and signed up. Not that the team needed him ... they demolished every team they came across ...

Game 1 Win 51-34 (v Branden, Sam, Austin)
Game 2 Win 62-25 (v Blake)
Game 3 Win 51-21 (v Carson)
Game 4 Win 61-27
Game 5 Win (no video)
Game 6 Win 71-26 (v Jacob, Mr.Wright)
Game 7 Win (57-20)
Game 8 Win (81 points)

** Video for game 7 and 8 may be coming,
gotta get around to finishing them up

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Junior Jazz - Keaton's Crew

Eric, Stone, Chad, Nana
Keaton, Elijah, Alex
Missing: Conner & #13
Coach: Klint Koontz
Keaton has played the last three seasons with Steve, and enjoyed his time there. They had some 6th graders on the team, so they were going to play up in the 6th grade league. Klint (Callahan's coach) was coaching a 5th grade team and asked if Keaton would like to play with him (and some of the friends from summer). It was a tough decision, but we decided to play with Klint, hoping that there would be fewer scheduling conflicts with practices and games ... it sort of worked, still plenty of conflicts with other (non-Klint) games.

Keaton has been struggling with a bad cough for weeks now, and it has impacted how much he was able to play in the first few games :(

  • Game 1 (December 3) Win 21-12. Call this game the STONE show, as Stone was on fire! An easy win ...
  • Game 2 (December 10) Win 19-17. There were a lot of missed shots this game, but the boys managed to stay ahead and get the win, although the other team came back a little too close for comfort in the 4th quarter!
  • Game 3 (December 17) Win ... I came late so I didn't video (and thus don't have the final score on hand, I think it was fairly close). I wish I had pulled out the video, it was a good game. Dad and Grandpa were there watching too.
  • Game 4 (January 7) Win 21-12. Only six players today, so although Keaton is STILL battling his cough and was also recovering from a nasty bout with the stomach flu, he played most of the game and got off a lot of good shots.
  • Game 5 (January 14) Win ... not sure of the score as I didn't get to go to this game (so no video either). Thanks to Grandpa for taking Keaton while I took Cooper to his game (Dad was out of town).
  • Game 6 (January 21) Win ... not sure of the score, just because I forgot to catch it on video ... I actually think our boys were ahead by a bit, so they turned the score off. 
  • Game 7 (January 28) Win ... I sent Daddy to this game while I went to Cooper's again (so no video).  Daddy said they had to shut the score off again as our team was too far ahead ...
  • Game 8 (February 4) The Championship Game ... well, it didn't go as hoped. There were tons of missed shots, bad passes, and the other team seemed intent on fouling Keaton, poor kid ended up on the ground SO many times. Keaton commented that if he'd made all his foul shots, they would have won the game. Final score was 13-24